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De Mí, Pa’ Ti Guide: 7 Gift Ideas for the Host in Your Life

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The holiday season is fast approaching, and with that comes family gatherings. And, if there’s something we all know about the holidays is that in every family there’s always one person who ends up playing host – and not just that, who absolutely loves doing it! So, why not show our appreciation by making things easier for them? Now, let’s be real: They’re still going to open up their house to people, and obsess over what to serve, how their house is going to look, and what everyone is going to eat and drink – so the least we can do is give them a present that takes one of those concerns away.

We’ve done the heavy-lifting for you and put together a gift guide for the host in your life that will help you both cross them off your shopping list and enjoy yourself while you chismear with the primos.


Karol G’s Mañana Será Bonito Vinyl (Target Exclusive)

The perfect atmosphere requires the perfect music, and Colombian singer Karol G’s fourth studio album, Mañana Será Bonito, fits the bill. The mostly reggaeton album, which features 17 tracks and collaborators like Romeo Santos, Quevedo, Shakira, Sean Paul and Sech, among others, also features Karol G’s first song to reach the top of the Billboard Global 200 list: “TQG.” Maybe not the kind of music to sing along with abuelita, but definitely the kind you can karaoke along with your primos, while the tías entertain your parents.

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Casita Candles

What better way to make your house feel guest-ready than a candle? Casita Candles offers natural hand-poured wax candles with non-toxic scents, with names that will make anyone who frequently hosts truly laugh out loud. Imagine pulling out a candle that not just smells delicious, but that’s called “Nadie me ayuda en esta casa” and is supposed to smell like “catholic guilt and a spa day.” Or! “Plant Mami,” which is supposed to smell like “admiring your peaceful plant babies in your botanical bubble.” Count us in, please.

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Fillo's Ready to Eat Latin Foods

Cooking is great and all, but sometimes hosts want something easy and tasty. There’s no shame in that. Enter Fillo’s Ready-to-eat Latin Foods with its sofrito and tamales. They offer walking tamales, sofrito beans, and sofrito rice and beans in assorted flavors that go from strawberry coconut tamales to peanut butter piloncillo tamales, so there’s something for every taste bud. And when it comes to sofrito, there’s a Puerto Rican, Mexican, Peruvian, and Panamanian style. Maybe try them all?

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Tragos Party Game

The ultimate party game for Latinos, Tragos is the drinking card game that takes us back to our childhood – for better or worse. With cards that range from “Most Likely to” to “Group Trivia” and “Finish the Lyrics/Saying/Phrase” (without forgetting the “Tragos Round” of course), Tragos Party Game is the game that simultaneously calls you out and makes you laugh like only a game that understands Latines can. Beware of what you’ll learn about your family while playing it, though!

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Salut Espresso Martini

A good host typically loves having a great variety of drinks to offer. Perhaps a good place to start is with Salut’s Espresso Martini infusion kit, a kit that elevates the traditional espresso martini routines. Even better, this gift brings together a whole host of nature’s energy boosters: Arabica Coffee Beans, Pitted Dates, Oranges, and Ceylon Cinnamon Stick, which will give the host the chance to craft both boozy or zero-proof cocktails. Either way, you win – and you’ve given the perfect gift.

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Mini Conchas Chocolates

No party could be complete without a sweet treat, and chocolate mini conchas seem like the perfect one to give as a gift and also enjoy. They’re made out of chocolate, but also fluffy pastry, which makes them more panecitos, than full chocolates. They’re also perfectly bite-sized, which means it’s possible to indulge guilt-free. (Although, the holidays are exactly for that!) So, really, if you want to pick up a box or three as a present, family never says no to chocolate.

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Amahu Lavender Bath and Body Bar

With all the abrazos being shared throughout the night, we want our hands to be soft and calming to the smell. Amahu’s Lavender Bath and Body Bar, made out of “olive, sunflower seed, and coconut oils,” is both moisturizing and hydrating – leaving one’s skin smooth. Amahu also sells an Aloe Vera scented soap, in case you want to combine the two for an even more perfect gift.

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