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De Mí, Pa’ Ti Guide: 7 Items to Help You Get Ready for That Holiday Party

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Getting ready for a holiday party isn’t just about looking great, it’s about feeling great. What better way to make someone’s holidays perfect than with gifts that’ll have them impress at both their holiday work event and the family gathering at abuelita’s – that somehow ends up being fancier than a black tie event – because that’s the Latine way. You have to keep in mind the fashion show las primas will put on in la sala!

From gifts that will help a loved one relax, to prepare them to face the well-intentioned tías, to ones that will have them stand out even among a Navidad-crazed familia, here’s a gift guide filled with items that will make you the favorite of whoever is on the receiving end.


Luna Magic False Eyelashes

Holiday parties almost beg for false eyelashes. After all, if there’s one occasion that calls for a more dramatic look, it’s a holiday party. Whether it’s with familia or amigos, Luna Magic False eyelashes are a “luxurious option for a natural everyday wear look.” Not just that, they are also “reusable” and provide a “beautiful, comfortable wear for any occasion.”

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Bésame Cosmetics Dusty Rose Lipstick

The perfect “everyday wear” shade, Bésame Cosmetics’ Dusty Rose Lipstick, doesn’t sound like a bold enough choice for a holiday party, but sometimes you just want a classic that can be taken up a notch – or kept understated. And one that comes in a pretty iconic replica Art Deco design case, too. Just in case you have to reapply.

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Earth’s Shell Wooden Massager

A massage with Earth’s Shell Wooden Massager will leave anyone feeling their best – long before they have to start thinking about mingling with strangers and familia alike. This massager, made of 100% solid wood, will give you a spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

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Mia del Mar Life Is A Fiesta Eyeshadow Palette + Dual Ended Brush

If life is a party, it needs some good eyeshadow – and a good brush to apply it with. Enter Mia del Mar’s cruelty-free eyeshadow palette and brush combo, which is all you need to truly dazzle throughout the holiday season. Plus, it offers a good balance of matte and shimmer, because who doesn’t love options especially during the holidays?

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Chillhouse Chill Tips Nail Art Press Ons - Discoteca

Maintaining perfect nails is hard – but also a necessity for holiday parties. Enter Chillhouse’s Chill Tips Nail Art Press Ons. We’re going to go with the Discoteca ones in particular, because we’re in a festive mood! The included tools allow you to fully customize the tips to your nails, while the glue secures everything in place for results that look and feel like a classic gel mani.

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Suavecito Pomada Matte

Because men deserve to look good too, even if the designs of men’s hair products is a lot more out there than women’s. Or maybe it’s just more on the side of Halloween inspired, unfortunately? Suavecito Pomada Matte promises hold and the best look for men, and that’s pretty much all we can ask. We don’t really want too much information about what our tíos and primos do to get ready, after all.

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Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

The skin is the canvas, and what better way to take care of it than with Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask, “a glow-giving treatment that instantly restores radiance to skin.” The best-selling, affordable luxury cream is renowned for its natural ingredients and it’s sure to leave your skin feeling refreshed, which is exactly what you want before a long night of partying.

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