De Mí, Pa’ Tí Guide: 9 Gift Ideas for the Digital Creator in Your Life

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Gift-giving for digital creators can be tricky, especially when they have a range of talents to flex. For this holiday season, we wanted to leverage Samsung Galaxy’s technology, so we crafted a gift guide filled with Samsung and Latine-owned products perfect for your favorite digital creator. No matter the creator’s niche, we have a range of products laid out for you, below, to scroll through and click buy. Beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and digital creators are going to walk out of your home smiling this Christmas.


Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is the ideal gift for the creator who works on multiple projects on the go. The combination of its ultra-large 14.6” AMOLED screen and 2-in-1 capabilities of a tablet and a PC is essential for the designer who wants to share and collaborate on visually creative ideas. Its super-clear video in 4K, with an ultra-wide dual front camera, will make it feel as if everyone’s together, in real time, when brainstorming. Every collaborator, near or far, can enhance projects with the tablet’s Microsoft 365 creative integration. To top it off, the included S Pen lets them bring drawings to life and a Book Cover Keyboard can be added to do even more. Whether your person is a jack of all trades, a creative genius, or simply needs a multipurpose gift, this is the one.


Bad Seeds NFT

Gift your friend something small in size, but significant in value: an NFT from Mexican designer Cecy Meade‘s latest Bad Seeds NFT Collection. The Bad Seeds follow the legendary projects PancakeSquads by PancakeSwap and MoonPets from Meade’s BSC chain. The spooky and punk-inspired designs of the collection make it perfect for all holders, and come with some special edition surprises, merch, and more.


Friday Weekly Planner

Gifting can be made easy with the online marketplace, Artelexia. They have an assortment of cute stickers featuring cultural legends, phrases, and designs inspired by Mexican and Latin American culture, religious traditions, social issues, pop icons, and cultural references. Every digital creator lives by a schedule so make their life simple with the Frida weekly planner.


Galaxy Z Flip4

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is the perfectly pocket-sized gift that lets anyone take photos hands-free. Z Flip4 comes in four striking colors – including Bora Purple – with customizable options also available. The functional features are must-haves for any on-the-go creator who wants to tap into their talents to the fullest. Your favorite digital designer can do it all with Z Flip4. They can capture content from unique angles hands-free with FlexCam and multitask masterfully when jumping from one app to another on a screen that measures 6.7” when flipped open.


Broobs Unisex Hoodie

If you have a fashion, digital creator friend or family member who appreciates art and has an eye for patterns of designs, then they’ll enjoy the Broobs unisex skull hoodie. The sweater comes in multiple colors, including olive green, burgundy, blue, and black. Like many of Marquez’s creations, the color palettes and the design of the skull highlight the visibility of his culture and individuality; designs within the head of the skull, perfectly placed on the hoodie, include butterflies, flowers, scorpions, and a starry night.


La Luna Lipgrip Set

Suavecita has a beautiful, collaborative cosmetics line inspired by the legendary game, Loteria. The La Luna Lipgrip Set, specifically, features three originally designed Matte Liquid Lipsticks in colors representing the game’s card designs–an electric blue, magenta, and warm chocolate brown. The Suavecita Lipgrips will deem you the best gift-giver this Christmas by your beauty blogging recipient.


Little Cloud Lamp

This FriendsWithYou lamp is a cute and thoughtful gift to brighten up someone’s spirits. The small, smiley-faced, and cloud-shaped tabletop lamp is perfect for all ages and comes with a small remote control cloud to click through three different levels of brightness. Any digital creator knows lighting is everything!


"Zeno Clash" Video Game

You can never go wrong giving your favorite gamer another game to add to their collection. If you’re wondering what could compete with their “Fortnite” and “Call of Duty” addiction, add Ace Studios‘ “Zeno Clash” into the mix. Created and founded by brothers Andres, Carlos, and Edmundo Bordeu, the action-fighting game is set in a punk fantasy world, encouraging one’s imagination to run wild as players duel in brutal battles.


Positive Affirmations for Kids with Dialogue Starters

The Salvaged Sawhorse has an affirmation card bundle for adults and children that comes in both English and Spanish. What better way to start or end your day than with a gift packed with 21 affirmation cards? For any lifestyle blogger, these Jennifer Velasquez-designed decks will fit perfectly into their self-care routine.

Disclaimer: Book Cover Keyboard sold separately.