According to President Donald Trump, Colorado is a border state.

While giving a speech on U.S. energy in Pittsburgh, Penn. on Wednesday, Trump said he was building his long-promised wall in the Centennial State, which doesn’t sit along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“We’re building a wall on the border of New Mexico, and we’re building a wall in Colorado. We’re building a beautiful wall. A big one that really works, that you can’t get over, that you can’t get under,” he said.

Colorado, which is about 400 miles away from Mexico, is south of Wyoming and north of New Mexico.

As can be expected, the Internet roasted the president, both for his poor sense of geography as well as for, once again, getting caught straight-up lying to the American people.

Democratic Colorado Gov. Jared Polis was one of the first people to mock the president on Twitter.

“Well this is awkward …Colorado doesn’t border Mexico,” Polis wrote. “Good thing Colorado now offers free full day kindergarten so our kids can learn basic geography.”

Here’s a glimpse at what the rest of the Internet had to say about the gaffe.