5 Previously Dreaded Things To Embrace When We’re Free Again

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Sometimes all it takes is a global pandemic to put things into perspective and make the rest of life’s problems feel small, insignificant and maybe even a little silly. Seriously, have you thought about the things that used to scare you lately? Interactions you used to avoid that now, maybe, you’d embrace?

We’ve compiled a list of some classic “scary” situations that you might want to reconsider embracing during and even post-quarantine.

Be the first one to watch your crush’s IG story

We’ve all been there. You’re mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, when BAM your comadres story ends and you find yourself on your crush’s story ~3sec ~ after they’ve posted it. *panic ensues*  Sure, this may have seemed scary pre-quarantine times, but can we all agree that we’re all looking at everyone’s stories now? So, who cares if one of them happens to be a crush? Embrace it. 

Being asked "y tu novi@" at family dinners

If you’re anything like me you probably used to hate being asked this question at every family function but now, surely we can all agree that we’d kill to be at a big family party, on our 5th plate of tacos with that nosy tía asking the seemingly timeless question, “Y tu novio?!”

That look abuela gives when you say you're not hungry

To abuelitas everywhere, please forgive us for ever having refused your food. You were right, WE WERE WRONG. We would like another helping of arepas and yes, we will take some pozole home for later. Gracias! 

Hitting “Reply All” to an all-company email

The ‘Reply All’ fiasco hits like a seasoned fighter, with a one-two punch. Coming first with a gut wrenching feeling of instantaneous regret. Followed by a heavier and more leathe  tidal wave of “Please take me off this list!”, “Me too!” and “Spot Hitting reply all!” If you’ve worked in an office before than you know, this is considered ~social suicide~ and the type of thing that makes you want to hide your face for months. So I guess, if you’ve ever wanted to be THAT person—now’s the time. No one is going to see you for awhile anyway – and who knows you might even get some of your coworkers to laugh. 

Accidentally waving to someone you thought you knew on the street

You know what the English language needs? A word for that feeling you get when you wave to someone you think you know only to realize it’s not them. It’s like that scene in a movie where everything moves in slow motion and the camera zooms onto the protagonist’s face as they go through multiple painful expressions. But, reader… what wouldn’t we give for an awkward/any interaction now?

NYC rats

They eat pizza, ride the metro, take strolls through Central Park and a lucky few have even ended up on broadway.  Whether we like it or not, rats are a part of the New York City experience and there are a lot of people out there right now who miss every bit of that—rats included. Personally, I wanted to give these little guys a chance and use this time to get over my fear of but then, I read this article which reads “A new army of rats: starving, angry and cannibalistic amid coronavirus pandemic.” So, maybe not.