5 Last-Minute Gifts From Latine-Owned Brands for Father’s Day

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Whatever you do this Father’s Day (June 18), don’t buy your dad or the father figure in your life another necktie or a fifth tool belt he’ll never use. And while we know the holiday is basically here, it’s never too late to get a gift, even if it gets in their hands a day (or a few) later. It’s the thought that counts! And if that is the case and the present won’t arrive until after Father’s Day, we recommend getting them a card that teases the gift and tells them that it’s on the way.

If you’re still searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift and want to make it extra special, we’ve got you covered with a range of unique and thoughtful ideas. We’re here to help you go beyond the generic and discover fun ways to make your dad or father figure feel loved and appreciated while suiting his personality or interests.

Here are five fantastic last-minute gifts your dad probably didn’t ask you to buy him for Father’s Day but would welcome nonetheless. If your a dad, feel free to forward any of these gifts to your loved ones. From cigars to a customized dominoes table, here are some unique gifts, below:


For the Dad Who Enjoys a Cigar Moment

Cigar Country is among the best places to buy cigars, cutters, lighters, and humidors. The Dominican Republic-based business (that ships to the U.S. and its territories) was founded in 1996 as a specialized cigar store.

One of the most popular products sold at Cigar Country is the Arturo Fuente Anejo cigar, which was first created in 1912 in Tampa, Florida. The handmade cigar is extremely limited and is considered a rarity. It is described as “a toothy Maduro that burns and smokes like a dream.”


For the Dad Who Sips Rum

Ron del Barrilito is the oldest rum brand in Puerto Rico and is considered by many to be the world’s finest sipping rum. It was founded in 1871 by Pedro Fernández in Hacienda Santa Ana after studying the process of making fine brandy and cognac in France. Ron del Barrilito is hand-crafted in small batches inside 500-liter white oak barrels and infused with a blend of dried fruits and spices. The water used in the process is only harvested from rainfall.


For the Dad Who Loves Chocolate

Cultura Chocolate is a Latina-owned bean-to-bar chocolate-making company. Inspired by founder Damaris Ronkanen’s childhood trips to her family’s hometown in Mexico, the brand “seeks to honor and share the history and cultures of the communities where cacao originated.” Some products you can purchase from the online store include chocolate drink powders, bars, and minibars with rum.

Another option is located in the heart of the Dominican Republic: the Kahkow catalog of chocolatey treats. When they make their gourmet, organic chocolate, the brand is always committed to protecting the forests in the Dominican Republic where the cacao plants are harvested. Products you can purchase from the online store include bonbons, dark, milk, white chocolate bars, and even chocolate chip cookies and brownie mix.


For the Dad Who Likes Dominoes

Is your dad a dominoes player who would want to impress his friends with a custom domino table? There are plenty of game tables to choose from at JE Custom Tables. If you know your dad would want to show off his Latino pride, you can pick a flag from the Latin American country your father calls home – from Venezuela to Cuba.


For the Dad Who Wants to Look Good

Suavecito was created by Pedro, Tony Adame, and their friend JBird in Santa Ana, California. They were looking for a pomade that worked on their “thick Hispanic hair” that also smelled good. The classic Suavecito scent is described as “an energizing musky blend of spice and zest that awakens senses and one that is versatile for all environments.” Some products you can buy for your dad this Father’s Day include clay and matte pomade, beard conditioner, and a deluxe amber-handled comb.