Photos: Gloria Estefan’s Harrowing, Yet Uplifting ’80s Hair Odyssey

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Gloria Estefan and her hair follicles turn 58 today, and they’ve accomplished a lot in their time on Earth.

Gloria – the most successful Latin crossover performer of all time, brought the sounds of Cuba into the mainstream, fusing it with pop and making something new. Without her, all of the crossover acts that followed may have never been able to get a foothold in the US market.

And then there’s the feats of hair wizardry she managed to achieve over the last three decades of her career. From a Gloria Trevi style curly, red mane to a look we can best describe as “oval”, her head may have kept the hair spray industry solvent for much of the ’80s – and we can only hope some of these lewks will make it into the upcoming On Your Feet! Broadway musical based on her life.

In honor of her birthday, take a journey back through the years that helped shape her for her solo career.

These brows are something to behold

What a buoyant mullet. It's cheerful, almost.

She's kind of got a Thalia in Marimar thing going here.

Hey gurl heyyyy.

This look is giving us Gloria Trevi vibes.

"Let it Loose" is both the name of this album, and her bangs philosophy.

Gloria meets a flat-iron.

The return of the pseudo-mullet.

Channeling Debbie Gibson.

Once again, resplendent bang work.