Halloween should be a time for a little mischievousness, a lot of candy, and major creativity. However, October 31 has become a day when people dress up in offensive, culturally insensitive costumes. Despite the rise in “My Culture Is Not a Costume” campaigns, we continue to see disfraces that make fun of and appropriate different cultures.

So as we gear up for Halloween, here are six costumes that need to die a slow, painful death.


Customs & Border Protection agent costume

Dressing up as an agent for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) – and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for that matter – is offensive to undocumented communities. Both of these agencies have preyed and dehumanized undocumented folks, and wearing a costume like this shows a disregard for the abuses perpetrated by these two agencies.


A "Mexican" costume

A zarape, mustache, and a sombrero are a one-dimensional interpretation of Mexican culture.


The Wall costume

The Border Wall – and President Donald Trump’s immigration policies in general – aims to strip people of their dignity.


Sexy Día de Muertos costumes

Día de Muertos – often incorrectly called Mexican Halloween – is a culturally significant holiday where people celebrate their late loved ones. You should definitely stay away from Día de Muertos costumes, especially if they are sexy.


"Illegal Alien"

Undocumented people are humans, and this costume is not acceptable.

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Cholo/Chola costume

Cholo and cholas culture is very specific to mostly Mexican-American communities, so if you’re not a cholo/a, don’t dress up as one.