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Here Are Four Traditions That Bring Our Money & Community Together During the Holidays

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We have traditions for pretty much everything, including food, spending time together, and trying to bring good luck to the coming year. The holidays, especially, are a special time to bring traditions into our celebrations.

Sure, some of those traditions might seem a bit too much, especially since there’s that one relative insisting we do it—I mean, who can eat 12 grapes in less than a minute while also screaming “¡feliz año nuevo!” and hugging everyone around the table?— but they’re traditions for a reason.

When it comes to money, we have every type of tradition you can think of, from practical details that we always take into account to downright silly behavior that makes our holiday celebrations unique. Here, we give you four examples of those traditions.


Wearing Yellow Underwear to Attract Money during New Year's Eve

In some Latin American countries, a quirky yet widely practiced New Year’s Eve custom involves donning yellow underwear for good luck and financial prosperity in the coming year. The vibrant color is believed to symbolize wealth and abundance, making it a popular choice for those eager to attract good fortune. There are all sorts of colors for whatever you want to attract in the upcoming year—love, work, peace—but for money, yellow is the right way to go.


Sending a Little Extra to Loved Ones

The holidays are about supporting family members near and far. A common tradition involves sending a little extra money to loved ones, ensuring everyone can partake in the joy of the season. In the spirit of giving, sending a bit of extra funds to our loved ones is part of what the holidays mean to us.

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Putting Money in Your Shoes

In Chile, an intriguing financial custom involves placing money in your shoes. This symbolic act is believed to bring financial prosperity and ensure a steady income in the coming year, reflecting a hopeful mindset as people walk into the new year with wealth at their feet. However, we advise you to put bills in instead of coins as this may make dancing a lot easier.


Lentils. Yes, Lentils.

Lentils are a symbol of prosperity in various Latin American communities, and there are many ways that are incorporated into the holiday rituals. Eating lentils during the turn of the year is believed to bring financial abundance, as the legumes are associated with wealth and good fortune. Some take this tradition a step further by gifting bags of lentils to friends and family, symbolizing a wish for prosperity in the coming year. Beyond the dinner table, placing a handful of lentils in wallets or purses is thought to attract financial stability throughout the year.