The Guillermo del Toro LACMA Exhibit Is Now Open, And It’s As Creepy As You Imagined

Lead Photo: Image via the New York Times
Image via the New York Times
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It’s 91 days early, but the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has reached peak Halloween levels with Guillermo del Toro: At Home With Monsters. The exhibit, which features 700 of the knick knacks master of horror Guillermo del Toro has amassed in his lifetime, opens today. Typically, these items live at GdT’s workspace, Bleak House, but they have a new temporary home. Curated by Britt Salvesen, At Home With Monsters also features 60 items from LACMA’s permanent collection.

Last week, the museum held a book signing with GdT, which means we now sort of know what to expect. It’s a mix of sculptures, art, and pieces from his own movies. For example, one display case features the Cronos device, which sits next to the manual. Basically, del Toro described it perfectly and concisely when he said, it’s “an exhibit of my movie stuff!” Not surprisingly, he geeked out and posted and retweeted many images from opening night onto his Twitter account. Though, it may be a case of separation anxiety. “I felt very cheerful about the exhibit in the abstract,” del Toro told The Independent. “But on the day they actually came to the house and took the objects away, it was gutting.”

The exhibit runs until November 27. Starting in October, LACMA will screen seven del Toro films. Afterward, the collection will head to Minneapolis and Ontario. If you can’t make it out, you can at least check out a sneak peek of GdT’s stuff below:

Guillermo del Toro: At Home With Monsters is on display at LACMA between August 1 and November 27. It will head to the Minneapolis Institute of Art (February 26–May 21, 2017) and the Art Gallery of Ontario (September 30, 2017–January 7, 2018).