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Here’s How to Celebrate Our Heritage Month IRL & URL

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Our Heritage Month is a dedicated period from September 15 – October 15 that invites us to gather, reflect upon, learn, celebrate, and meme about the vibrant cultures, traditions, and contributions that have shaped our various Latine identities and experiences. It serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring historical triumphs and creative legacies forged by people from nations in North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.

The month-long commemoration provides a spotlight on how our diverse cross-cultural heritage has enriched global society while emphasizing the personal connections to our communities.

From exploring immersive art galleries and museums to diving into literary and film work, traversing local murals, joining Independence Day celebrations, and moving to Latine rhythms, there are a multitude of avenues to participate with unique activities that can deepen our understanding for the traditions and history of our and others heritage from Latin America’s diaspora.


Explore art galleries and museum exhibits that embody Latine art and culture. Check out Latine contemporary fashion at ¡Moda Hoy! Discover relics of Puerto Rican art and heritage at its finest in El Museo del Barrio or the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture. Cheer on the making of the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Latino through in-person or virtual tours of the Molina Family Latino Gallery. The National Museum of Mexican Art often houses outstanding artist exhibits and annual Día De Los Muertos memorials. For additional virtual digs you can engage with an interactive Frida Khalo museum tour that displays the vivid creativity of the time-honored artist. Search to find other specialized galleries, showcases, and panels offered at your local museums programmed throughout Latin American History Month.

Get outdoors to tour captivating murals that pay artistic homage to modern and historical expressions of the Latine diaspora. Murals often beautify public spaces while raising awareness about social issues that spark discussion and are reflective of our locales. The accessibility of public art creates the perfect opportunity to celebrate the vibrant streetscapes that connect us with the generational imprints of neighborhoods that have been shaped by its Latine residents and artists. From Chicago’s Activist Pilsen Murals and East LA’s vibrant street art to Washington D.C.’s historical public gems, these artistic creations radiate a luminous tribute to the lasting legacies embedded within the heart of Latine journeys and influence. For a digital experience to traverse beyond geographical confines you can embark on a virtual tour of Latine Murals on Google, the immersive platform enables you to zoom in on intricate details and unravel the narratives behind each painting.


Embark on literary, auditory, and film guides that amplify the voices and experiences of Latine communities through books, podcasts and movies. For a few ideas of where to start, you can delve into books like “Finding Latinx” for a contemporary exploration of identity, intersectionality, and empowerment. “Open Veins of Latin America” offers a thought-provoking historical perspective on socio-political evolution throughout Latin America. “Our America” shares profound essays and critiques from celebrated author José Martí, and “Short Stories by Latin American Women” shares narratives of strength and resilience through captivating prose. Grab sources from your local Latine-owned bookstores or to further connect and discuss with the community, form or join an IRL or virtual Latine Book Club!

Podcasts like “Reel Latinos” will enrapture you in a discussion that transports through the lens of Latine cinema, while “Racial Innocence” sparks vital discussions on race and ethnicity. Furthermore, you can listen to a list of TED talks by renowned personalities covering cross-cultural topics about the distinct and shared aspects of the Latine experience or opt to watch a film during the New York Latino Film Festival and the AFI Latin American Film Festival.


Join joyous celebrations that honor Latin American Independence Days sprinkled throughout Latine Heritage Month. As the independence calendar unfolds, countries such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Chile, and Belize take center stage with a mosaic of community experiences. Colorful parades, lively cultural showcases, and gatherings offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the traditions, flavors, and rhythms that define each nation and to connect with its diaspora. Participate by tapping in with your local restaurants, consulates, and culture centers for information about scheduled events that honor the pride, heart, and soul of each nation.

Alternatively, you can check out Hispanic Heritage Month for virtual tools and education that provide various spotlights on the vast array of Latine heritages.


Discover local party groups and dance collectives where you can groove to a range of Latine music. With party collectives such as Adobo DMV in Washington D.C. to Chicago’s, Sorry Papi multi-city tour and Agua Chicago‘s monthly dance soirée or the grand The9AM events in New York and queer-inclusive Internet Friend‘s party in Miami– There are ample opportunities to work up a sweat and connect with fellow Latine community members while showing off/improving your dance steps. You can also consider joining folkloric dance troupes to get in touch with like the Mexican Folkloric Dance Company or the Comite Pro Bolivia, as well as Afro-Caribbean Dance Classes. Seek out your local counterparts to participate in lively movement.