Here’s How Nathan Apodaca’s Life Changed After Viral Fleetwood Mac Skateboarding Video

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
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Nathan Apodaca is a self-declared “cholo” skateboarded who went viral on Sept. 25. He became an overnight sensation of buenas ondas after posting a TikTok video of himself cruising down the street on his longboard while lip singing Fleetwood Mac’s hit song “Dreams.” Between verses, he was seen sipping on a jug of Ocean Spray Cran-Rasberry juice. He looks blissful as he weaves down the street with ease swaying to the beat of the world-famous song. The Idaho native had joined TikTok after his young daughters encouraged him to make an account since he’s always dancing and ought to document and share his moves.

The video has been watched nearly 30 million times. After the video went viral he posted another video where he shared his personal story and details about his difficult living conditions. He currently lives in a mobile home and doesn’t have access to water. “It would be nice to have a place of my own,” he said in the clip.

People were very moved by his story and rallied together to fundraise donations to help Apodaca achieve his dreams. The rather ordinary event of filming himself having a few relaxing moments skating before heading to work has completely changed his life. Here’s everything that’s happened in Apodaca’s life since the sweet video went viral.

Donations Come In

The Indigenous-Mexican-American has received more than $10,000 in donations from supporters who want to help him improve his living conditions.

Merchandise Sales Go Up

After the video went viral Apodaca opened up a pop-up shop selling merch inspired by the video including ‘Steady Vibin’ tees ($30) and hoodies ($50) printed with an image of Apodaca guzzling the cranberry juice. The clothing has brought $30,000 in profit in the first five days following the launch.

Props From Fleetwood Mac

Mick Fleetwood recreated the video while chugging a big bottle of juice out in nature. He said that Apodaca was onto something and that “Dreams and Cranberry just hits different.” The official Fleetwood Mac Twitter account retweeted the video with praise.

Brand New Car

Ocean Spray gifted Apodaca a bright red Nissan Frontier PRO-4X pick-up truck. The flatbed, of course, was filled to the brim with Cran-Raspberry juice.

Jimmy Fallon Recreates Video

Jimmy Fallon was inspired by Apodaca’s video and followed suit by jamming to the 1977 track from the band’s Rumours album, while failing to sip on cranberry juice through a face shield on his way to the set of his talk show.

'Dreams' Streams & Sales Go Up

Yahoo News! reports that streams for “Dreams” have more than doubled and sales have nearly tripled. Billboard confirmed the song had a 374% increase in online sales.


He’s been interviewed by various publications including TMZ.

Parody Videos Pop Up

The viral video inspired a video featuring the latest viral sensation — the fly that landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s hair. One Instagram user created a clip of a fly grooving complete with a cran-raspberry juice a la Apodaca on top of Pence’s hair.

Growth in Social Media Following

Apodaca now has over 2.4 million followers on TikTok, more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram, and nearly 150 thousand Twitter followers.

Potential Brand Collaborations

He says that Footlocker has contacted him but hasn’t released any details about what he might be up to with the sportswear retailer.

Potential Celebrity Collaborations

Rumors (pun intended) are swirling that Apodaca is in the works to collaborate with Travis Scott.