People Are Poking Fun at “Hispanic Heritage Month” With Favorite Viral Videos

Lead Photo: Courtesy of YouTube.
Courtesy of YouTube.
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For the latest trend in the Twitter sphere: Latine people are poking fun at Hispanic Heritage Month by sharing some of their favorite viral videos starring only very own. All in good nature, people are digging up some of the most legendary videos from the past that feature everyday Latine people doing and saying some of the funniest things.

Hispanic Heritage Month (or Our Heritage Month at Remezcla) started on September 15 and runs through October 15. Based on our 2018 survey, we found that many in our communities didn’t feel a special connection to the celebratory month. “Pandering. To some degree Hispanic Heritage Month is like a mini “Cinco de Mayo,” activist Juan Escalante told us, while Paola Ramos added, “The worst are the clichés that emerge.”

Trends like this are a fun way of taking control of the narrative and stereotypes perpetuated during this time while reminding folks that this is our month to steer the conversation and make the most out of it. As we’ve been going through all of the hilarious posts, we’ve decided to round up some of our favorites. From Miki Minach to heartbreak serenade, here are a few of the standout posts under the “Happy Hispanic Heritage Month” Twitter trend.

Miki Minach

Son Reebok o Son Nike?


To Our Defender


Ningun Good Afternoon

Pa Que Me Invitan?

Selena vs. Yolanda Pinata

Cries in Spanish

We Love Target

Yo Voy

Happy Fall