12 Latino-Designed Sweaters You Need For Peak Coziness This Fall

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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Crisp, cool air and warm, reliable cobijas that feel like family heirlooms can only mean one thing – hoodie season is upon us. All year long, people clamor for the warm, summer months but by August we’re just about ready to be done with the constant threat of unseemly sweat, humid trains, and scorching hot commutes in heavy traffic.

After all, there’s something therapeutic about protecting yourself from the elements with a sweater that fits just right and lets the world know what you’re about without you even having to say a word. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of hoodies designed by Latinx and Latin Americans that you can cop now with fall in full swing.


Peralta Project

Photo via Tony Peralta

Tony Peralta is the artist and entrepreneur bringing New York cool and Latinx pride to your closet. The Afro Latino Pullover is one of many Peralta Project hoodies worth copping but is especially notable for highlighting the intersection of race and culture in a simple, stylish way.

$50, Buy it here.


Bella Doña

Photo via Bella Doña

Bella Doña’s Guadalupe sweater is as close to a must-cop as you can get. Baby, pastel pink? Yes. La Virgencita’s image unapologetically plastered all over your chest? Hell yeah.

$48 to $50. Buy here.



Photo via Brujas

By now, you might know that Brujas is the radical, urban organization looking to create change through youth culture. Its Campus Hoodie – available in purple, pink, teal, and navy – is the perfect way to let the world know where you stand and what you stand for.

$78. Buy here.


Tony Del Fino

Mexican streetwear has experienced a boon in popularity in recent years, and Tony Delfino is one of the brands pushing the boundaries of the nascent movement. The Color Stripes crewneck sweater strikes a balance between timeless and trendy that is both subtle and eye-catching.

Shop here.



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Sacrifices is the Mexico City brand showcasing darker aesthetics from a part of the world better known for its vibrancy and hectic take on space and movement. The Love Under crewneck pairs a bold, high-impact font with delicate, dainty roses.

$45. Shop here.


Born x Raised

Photo via Born x Raised

LA is home to one of streetwear’s most important, socially conscious clothing brands. Championing Southern California Chicanx culture, indigenous heritage. and punk aesthetics, Born x Raised is known to push the boundaries of the industry. Its Hoka crewneck sweatshirt is minimalist but packs a punch. “God Loves the Homies. One Block At a Time.”

$135. Buy it here.


Bella Doña

Photo via Bella Doña

Making its second appearance on this list, Bella Doña’s Modelo sweatshirt is serving up vintage cerveza vibes.

$50-$55. Buy here.


Midnight Studios

Photo via Midnight Studios

Shane Gonzales is the Southern California kid whose designs have him collaborating with heavy-hitters like Virgil Abloh and ASAP Rocky’s AWGE collective. His brainchild Midnight Studios’ punk-inspired Safety Pins hoodie might break the bank, but what is young adulthood without a little frivolous spending?

$269. Buy it here.


Viva La Bonita

Image via Viva La Bonita

It’s true; we will do anything for Selenas. Viva La Bonita is the “Latina lifestyle & apparel brand inspired by the spirit of the women who are fearless” and its Anything for Selenas hoodie lets the #SelenaHive commemorate one of the best to ever do it.

$49.99. Buy here.


Fania Records

Photo via Fania

Fania is a pillar of Latinx culture and remains synonymous with some of the most storied moments and musicians in the world. It should come as no surprise the pioneering record label has some of the best looking merch out, too. Cop the classic Fania Logo hoodie to tap into energy and entity that helped birth all of the Saturday morning cleaning tracks.

$29.99. Buy here.


Nature World

Image via Nature World

Nature World is the clothing brand and artist collective unafraid to give irreverent takes on pop culture. Co-founded by rappers Andre Martel and Antwon, the group’s Black Hell crewneck is part “Laugh Now, Cry Later” part Three 6 Mafia in the “Stay Fly” video.

$64. Buy here.


Young Ultra

Image via Young Ultra

This Young Ultra black hoodie is in collaboration with Mexican visual artist Ciler. The sweater is decked out in images of Ciler.

$37. Buy here.