How to Pull Off the Logomania Trend Without Spending on Designer Duds

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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Logos are having a moment. In the last few years, they’ve become increasingly popular in mainstream fashion as streetwear brands, such as Supreme and Bape, continue to attract fans willing to wait in massive lines for their latest drops. Additionally, European labels such as Vetements, Louis Vuitton, and Balenciaga have added to the hype by opting to rework popular logos into their pieces. Vetements, for example, created a $300 DHL T-shirt. Meanwhile, Italian brand Gucci recently partnered with Harlem designer Dapper Dan to recreate his famous 1980s and 1990s logo-heavy leather pieces that once made him a household name inside hip-hop circles – and eventually got his shop shuttered after Gucci and LV sued him.

But as logomania takes off once again, the prices are sometimes incredibly inaccessible. Luckily for us, Latinos and Latin Americans have made this trend their own, with brands translating famous logos into popular phrases in Spanish, so that words like “coño” and “saramambiche” turn up on T-shirts and accessories in familiar (or vaguely familiar) ways.

As the trend continues, we’re looking at some of the most creative (and hilarious!) logo flips out there.


'Malandro' by Garzez

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'Soy una gárgola' by Status Wear Co.

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'Dique LV' by Peralta Project

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'Zaramambiche' t-shirt by Arte-Consciente

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'Coño' by Peralta Project

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'Fucci' by Sixne Concept Store

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'Piratas del Caribe' by Sixne Concept Store

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