A Clip of Ina Garten Making This Questionable Pozole Has Mexican Twitter Shook

Lead Photo: Photo by © / Moment
Photo by © / Moment
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Mexican cuisine is so ubiquitous in the United States that we’ve seen it interpreted in a variety of ways. Some of these recipes are definitely welcome, but then there are those that stray so far from the original. Ina Garten’s pozole dish is the latter, and when a video of her adding ingredients to a pot began circulating on Twitter, many people were surprised, confused and upset.

At first, she started with things like poblano peppers, garlic and oregano. But as the video progresses, she starts adding tortilla chips, chili powder and cheddar cheese. And those ingredients were just too far for some. While some pointed out that this could be a tortilla soup, others were adamant that this was not in any way, shape or form.

The recipe isn’t new (she shared it here September 2018), but it’s certainly on many people’s mind at the moment. Below, check out some of the best reactions.