Inside the World of Dominican Cosplayers

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Cosplaying – a subculture that involves dressing up as characters from movies, books, or video games (especially anime) – is still relatively new in the Dominican Republic. Its starting point on the island is generally regarded as 2006, and though the hobby has become increasingly popular in recent years, it’s still under the radar enough that participants have to find creative ways to get their looks together. As recently as December 2014, for example, there was no business on the island churning out professional-level costumes for this demographic, according to Acento.

Cosplay Dominicano
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The Cosplay Dominicano Facebook page is one of the easiest ways to see the fruits of this labor. In a series of photos, for example, the page explored La Casa del Artista, a DR craft store making it possible for cosplayers to transform styrofoam, dyes, and modeling glue in ways you probably never thought possible.

Recently, Zona 5 profiled some Dominican cosplayers –  “a group of young artists who exhibit their talents masterfully.”

“I learned new things about art, painting, sewing, construction [because of cosplay],” Yeffery García told Zona 5. “It’s not only fun, it also helps you develop your talents.” Lorenny Antigua similarly credits the trial-and-error heavy process of creating a costume with improving her skills. Now, creating realistic looking burns from silicone is no thing.

Below, check out 10 people contributing to the DR’s growing cosplay scene:


The Evil Queen, Snow White

Chicos como van esos cosplays para FMA2015? Comenten que tal van!!Les dejamos esta foto de Andrés de la Nuez con su…

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A.B.A, Guilty Gear


Sinestro, Green Lantern


Lilith Aensland, Darkstalkers


Hsien-Ko, Darkstalkers


Chun-Li, Street Fighter

?? saludosMe acaban de enviar esto ?? Chun Li Alpha

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Ryuk, Death Note


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No Face and Chihiro Ogino, Spirited Away


Witch King of Angmar, Lord of the Rings


Belle, Beauty and the Beast