4 iPhone Sticker Packs For When the Taco Emoji Just Isn’t Enough

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In recent years, Unicode has tried to make texting a more inclusive experience through the addition of more flags and emojis of all shades. But the truth is, it just can’t keep up with our text necessities. While we recently got the ? crunchy taco ?, there’s still so many more emojis we deserve.

Thankfully, the newest iPhone update and the ability to send our friends lasers, balloons, and secret messages have helped us step up our texting game. But stickers are probably the MVP of iOS 10. On top of allowing you to hilariously prank your friends, you can now more accurately use images to describe how your feeling. For example, you can use an “Hoy CBB” sticker when ? just won’t do. The only downside is that there’s a massive amount of stickers available, so it’s hard to find the good ones, or worse yet, the ones that capture the way you speak. But we took on that challenge and found four packs that you need to download rn.


Dominican Slang

Created by Ramón Torres, this pack includes 16 stickers that Dominicans seamlessly use in everyday interactions, like Dame Lu, Chapiador/a, and KLK tu dice? Fair warning: With the Licey and Aguilas pendants, the sticker pack is bound to reignite some rivalries.

Download Dominican Slang here. Free.


Tortilla Factory

Eli Tarin created the Tortilla Factory pack because he saw a need for them. “I looked around in the iMessage App store in IOS 10 and didn’t see any sticker packs that were very representative of me and my culture,” he told us. “So I decided to make one.”

The stickers are definitely Mexican influenced, but there’s some things that Latinos from different backgrounds can likely relate to. Plus, the Tortilla Factory finally gives us that avocado we’ve been patiently waiting for.

Tortilla Factory

Download Tortilla Factory here. $0.99


Qué Onda Güey

Marisabel Edwards’ Qué Onda Güey sticker pack may very well be trying to make typing words obsolete. The app is full of comebacks, as well as pretty much any possible use of güey.

Download Qué Onda Güey here. $0.99



This grammar lovers sticker pack might make people hate you a little. But it also might remind people to use accents when necessary.

Download Ortografía here. Free



If you’ve had enough of the taco emoji, you can use this taco sticker. Another plus is that it’s available on Android and iPhones.

Download it on iPhones here and on Android here.

October 10 at 3:10 p.m.: This post has been updated to include more must-have stickers.