9 Times Our Spanglish Texting Struggles Were Too Real

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Predictive text has long been the source of comical misunderstandings – just take a quick scroll through Damn You Autocorrect – and for those of us who draw on more than one language to express ourselves, the struggle has been extra real.

If you’re an iPhone user who habitually texts in Spanglish, chances are you’ve probably experienced the annoyance of having to switch between language keyboards to get your multi-lingual message properly spelled. Or you can pick just one language keyboard and wrestle with wild autocorrect issues that spring up when the keyboard doesn’t recognize the 2nd language words you’re trying to sprinkle in. Either way, it sucks. But thankfully, this fall Apple is finally rectifying this problem. Just last week, it announced that with iOS 10, we’ll finally be able to text in Spanglish without having to switch keyboards.

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And just in case anyone doubts that this is a real necessity, here are nine examples of Spanglish texting gone wrong that could easily belong on Vete Pal Carajo Autocorrect (if it existed):


jajajaja > hahaha, but sometimes it's confusing




That doesn't even make sense, Apple


Some pretty amazing use of Spanglish, actually




Poor Tommy


Because it shouldn't take this many times




Goddamnit cancel dazzle