Despite what your internal clock is telling you, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira took the Super Bowl stage merely 74 days (& not 20 years) ago. They’ve both reaped a few benefits since. Like all of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced JLo and her family into what she calls an “abrupt loss of freedom.”

For the Nuyorican artist, that led to reflection and perhaps some scheming. On Monday, she and Reese Witherspoon hopped on Instagram Live to chat about their respective new shows on Quibi and share a bit about what else is in the works.

As she announced over the weekend, JLo will participate in, and executive produce, “Thanks a Million,” a new show which will consist of 10-minute, bite-sized episodes in which different well-off, well-known humans give a total of a million dollars in an effort to encourage a chain of generosity. She kicks it off with the story of a disabled, inspiring young girl she met on tour. Other folks like Gabriel Iglesias and Yara Shahidi will participate as well. Although it was likely recorded before coronavirus was propagated in the United States, it’s a comforting and some would say timely watch. Porque what better time for the wealthy to give away money than now?

JLo, who tapped in from her home in Miami—where she’s quarantining with her fiancée Alex Rodriguez and their kids—chats candidly about letting everyone into her life a bit more since coupling with Arod, coping with a life pace change and more:

On Letting Us Into Her Personal Life:

At first, JLo admits she was a bit reserved—especially compared to her social media-loving partner. She’s had a change of heart and is letting her followers in a bit more now because “What’s the big deal with that? It’s not a bad thing,” she told Witherspoon. “I’m still a little more reserved than he is… but I do like the connection that you [can] have. It’s valuable and kind of coveted right now.”

On How She Escapes + Upcoming Plans:

“I want to be creative in this moment. I want to share in this moment,” she said. In other words, she’s not just making TikToks (though that would be OK too). She encourages those at home to remember this moment and how we all turned to art to escape.

Though another Vegas residency is tempting and remains a possibility, JLo said her plan is definitely to tour after we’re all allowed to gather again. Her film Marry Me is still set to come out later this year. It will be paired with an album (and Maluma is featured on two songs).

On What She’s Watching Right Now:

Ozark (lotta people on that train right now), documentaries and musicals (Gigi, Funny Girl, A League of Their Own), to name a few.