Justin Bieber is a lot of things, but an expert burrito eater he is not. While for some, burrito eating may seem pretty intuitive (you know you start at the end), an image of the Biebs, which surfaced on Reddit, shows him digging in right in the middle, meaning that he’s not taking an even bite that allows him to enjoy all the ingredients at once. It’s also a very risky way to eat a burrito, because all the stuffing will likely end all over your lap.

And while we’ll never know what possessed him to eat burrito in this way (and some have already questioned whether the photo is, in fact, real), we do know that people online had lots of questions. Check out a few of the best reactions to the burrito fiasco below.

Update, October 29, 2018: The man eating this burrito is not Justin Bieber. YouTube channel Yes Theory hired a lookalike and staged this moment to fool the internet.