Donald Trump and Nicolás Maduro Effigies Burned Across Latin America This Easter

Lead Photo: Yuri Cortez/AFP/Getty Images
Yuri Cortez/AFP/Getty Images
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Semana Santa, the week leading up to Jesus’ resurrection on Easter, is a big deal across Latin America – with some even getting time off from work. Each country has its own sets of traditions, including recreating Jesus’ cruxifixion or building intricate and beautiful alfombras de serrín.

Many countries also create and burn Judas figures based on unpopular figures, and this year, Donald Trump became a popular effigy request, especially in Mexico. Trump began his presidential campaign by insulting and targeting Mexicans, and threatening to build a wall to keep out immigrants.

“Since he started his campaign and began talking about immigrants, Mexico, and Mexicans, I said ‘I’ve got to get this guy,'” said Felipe Linares, who created the Trump effigies, to Reuters.

The Trump effigies came in many different forms, but there were plenty of other public figures who got burned.


Donald Trump

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