20 Businesses To Check Out During Our Heritage Month

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres
Art by Stephany Torres
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Our Heritage Month is here, and there is a lot to celebrate! From representation in entertainment to the books that showcase our communities and even the people making a name for themselves, our people making waves and breaking barriers. And one of the main ways is through Latine-owned businesses.

These businesses bring our culture to everyday ideas that go from helpful to just plain fun. Because Latine businesses are not about just one thing and they aren’t necessarily about our our customs and culture, either. Our heritage shapes us and it shapes the products these businesses offer, but Latines can do and offer anything people need – they just need a chance to prove it.

From Lil’ Libros to Seis Cosmetics, here are 20 Latine businesses worth checking out during Our Heritage Month!



Argentinian Cherie Hoeger founded Salt, which “creates sustainable period underwear and reusable period cups (menstrual cups) that empower people to live their best lives simply and sustainably.”

Find more information about Salt here.



“JZD is a lifestyle brand for the Latina queens” founded by Mexican couple Jen and Vero Zeano. And they “specialize in Latina empowerment apparel and accessories.”

Find more information about JZD here.


Bonita Fierce

Salvadorian founder Melissa Gallardo helms Bonita Fierce Candles, who “is dedicated to creating premium home fragrance inspired by Latin heritage, providing a sense of familiarity, home, and belonging.”

Find more information about Bonita Fierce Candles here.


Blank Tag Co.

Korean Mexican Remi Silva and Salavadorian Alondra Carbajal founded Blank Tag Co. They offer “the cutest stickers ever. Waterproof. Dishwasher Safe. Lifetime Warranty,” in a variety of models and shapes. 

Find more information about Blank Tag Co. here.


SBJ Esntls

“SBJ Esntls is a self-care brand rooted in Latinx culture” founded by Mexican Jessica Monzalvo. “We believe that self-care is essential, so we’re bringing you just that– your self-care essentials, all in one place.”

Find more information about SBJ Esntls here.


Saucy Lips

Mexican founders Natalia and Jess Dalton-Salazar are behind Saucy Lips. They offer “Whole30 Approved®, Keto, vegan, paleo, and sugar free condiments” and “extraordinary flavors handcrafted with fresh, clean ingredients.”

Find more information about Saucy Lips here.


Cadena Collective

Mexican founders Alejandra and Mabel Aguirre are the minds behind Cadena Collective. Their mission is “to elevate the voices and stories of artisans and brands that maintain artisanal techniques alive and to promote storytelling and quality via slow fashion.”

Find more information about Cadena Collective here.


Martha of Miami

Martha of Miami was founded by Cuban Martha Valdes, who is known for the famous Cuban Bred™ Shirt. According to their website, they also provide “t-shirts, tanks tops, hats, mugs, tazitas de café, and much more to represent tu cultura!”

Find more information about Martha of Miami here.


Seis Cosmetics

Latina founder Suhay Gonzalez is behind Seis Cosmetics. According to their website, they strive “to provide a variety of superior products from lip care to color cosmetics for everyone!”

Find more information about Seis Cosmetics here.


Chicana Foods

Mexican founder Allison Corona is behind Chicana Foods. According to their site, they offer “macha salsas inspired by traditional family recipes used in Mexico for decades.”

Find more information about Chicana Foods here.



república skin

According to their website, república skin was founded by Dominican Julissa Bermudez. “Born and inspired by the Dominican Republic – república skin shares the rich heritage of sensually radiant skin with clean bodycare, inspired by nature.”

Find more information about república skin here.



“Inspired by the similarities all Latines have,” Tragos Games was founded by Colombian-Dominican Carolina Acosta. It celebrates “our shared Latino culture in a fun and inclusive way, made to represent toda la gente!”

Find more information about Tragos here.




Venezuelan Luz Zambrano founded Casupo. According to their website, they create “elegant yet durable leather goods with a conscious effort to reduce toxins and waste.”

Find more information about Casupo here.



Founded by Afro-Latina Mayerling Cintron, the popular Abstract Sponge has become an influencer & pro go-to with its uniquely pointed flat tip that “gives a flawless blend” to your makeup. The brand offers a line of beauty tools, disposables, and organizers. 

Shop Tuhlz’s bestselling Abstract Sponge here.


Lil' Libros

Founded by Latinas Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein “Lil’ Libros was born out of a deep desire to make a positive impact on our littlest ones.” It showcases “books that celebrate cultural diversity and bilingual literature in English and Spanish.”

Find more information about Lil’ Libros here.



Founded by Mexican Danny Schwarz, Chuza offers snacks and aims to “bring that authentic spice straight from our casa to yours!”

Find more information about Chuza here



Founded by Chilean Babba Rivera, Ceremonia is a “totally clean and naturally derived” brand that is “setting out to shift the hair care market by making toxin-free products more accessible.”

Find more information about Ceremonia here.


Clase Azul

Founded by Mexican Arturo Lomeli, Clase Azul offers an “ultra-premium sipping Tequila made of 100% Tequilana Weber Blue Agave,” with an “8-month aging that gives the tequila an amazing balance, body and flavor.”

Find more information about Clase Azul here



Latina sisters Valentina, Victoria, and Camila Marmol founded Vavica, a “clean, cruelty-free body care system of your dreams, founded by 3 sisters who worked in the industry long enough to know what was missing.”

Find more information about Vavica here


Tropical Depression

Founded by Puerto Rican Roy Delgado, Tropical Depression offers “unique, handcrafted pieces mixing Caribbean nostalgia with a modern sensibility.”

Find more information about Tropical Depression here.