The Latin American Butt Thesaurus: A Nalglossary

Lead Photo: Art by Remezcla
Art by Remezcla
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Butt. Booty. Buns. Bottom. Backside. Rear. Heinie. Fanny. Though you’ve likely used an assortment of words to refer to your tush, you may not have noticed that there are actually so many terms in the English language to refer to butt. And if you’re lucky to speak another language, then that number dramatically increases.

During a conversation at the Remezcla HQ about the word chapas (a word that means butt cheeks in some parts of the world and metal plate in others), we realized how little we actually knew about the multitudinous ways you can say booty across Latin America. So we set off to do some research and put together a nalgas thesaurus, a nalglossary if you will. This handy word index will help you clear up any intra-country trasero misunderstandings.

Below, check out the many ways you can say pompis across Latin America and of course, Spain and Portugal.

Editor’s Note: This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if you have other words you think the people need to know, add them in the comments below.


Art by Remezcla

Bunda is used in Brazil.


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Cachas is used in various countries.


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Chapas is used in the Dominican Republic.


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Colita – the term many use for the sana, sana colita de rana saying – is familiar in all corners of Latin America.


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Culo, and its diminutive culito, is a term we’re all familiar with.


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Fuiche is a common word for ass in the DR.


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Latinos and Latin Americans alike are familiar with this term, regardless of where they’re from.


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Glúteos is a term heard across Latin America.


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Nádegas is the Portuguese word for booty.


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Nalgas is likely one of the first terms that will come to mind for Latinos and Latin Americans.


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Pompis and pompas is definitely a term you’ll hear on Univision and across Latin America.


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Posaderas is a well-known term across the Americas.


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Posterior is used in several countries.


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Poto is a word used in Argentina, Chile, and Peru.


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Rabo is recognized as a word for butt across Latin America.


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Trasero is used in various countries.