7 Latine-Owned Businesses to Start Your Summer Off Right

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It’s finally that time of the year again! Sun-kissed weather, breezy beach trips, and outdoor music festivals are around the corner – and we’re ready to make this year’s summer the best one yet. 

Whether you’re preparing for a much-needed out-of-office beach trip, a pool-side carne asada with the family, or simply getting dolled up for an outing with your besties – we’ve got you covered with essentials and unique Latine-owned products that’ll have people asking you for the shop’s name.

And if you’re asking yourself ‘Is it too early to shop for summer?’ No, it’s never too early to give back to Latine-owned businesses that will appreciate your business. From sunglasses to huaraches and cosmetics, here are seven Latine-owned businesses and featured items to start your summer off right.


Barrio Drive

This baseball cap will not only block the sun from your face, but it will also show off your cultural pride. Barrio Drive, owned by Mexican-American Atziri “Jacks” Peña and Yajajira Peña, is a small Latine-owned business that sells unique apparel items, accessories, stickers, and more. One of our favorite designs is this baseball cap with the words “LAtina” and “LAtino” on it. And don’t worry, if you’re not into the Dodger blue color, there are more color options


Vive Cosmetics

This one’s for the lipstick lovers. Vive Cosmetics is a lipstick brand owned by Latinas Leslie Valdivia and Joanna Rosario. My recommendation? Their DÍmelo red lipstick that I use daily (it’s sold out, but you can put on an alert when it’s restocked!) Their brand also features matte liquid lipsticks, creamy bullet lipsticks, lip masks, and lip scrubs. The lipstick colors range from vibrant orange hues to deep reds to match your summer outfit.



Sometimes jewelry pieces transform a plain outfit into an iconic one. D29, or Diciembre Veintiueve, is a Puerto Rican jewelry brand owned by designer Gabriela Berlingeri. Looking for that special touch to make your outfits pop? D29’s handmade accessories range from necklaces, chokers, bracelets, rings, and earrings that can be a great golden addition to your swimsuits and summer wardrobe. 



Skincare is a must, especially during sun-filled days. Elaluz, founded by Brazilian entrepreneur Camila Coelho, is a clean, cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free skincare and makeup company. The brand is known for its plant-based beauty oils, rich moisturizers, and hydrating lip formulas, that’ll take care of protecting and repairing your skin. For those who are into tanning, they also have tanning and bronze products that’ll give you that sun-kissed tan.



This wouldn’t be a go-to summer list without mentioning chic sunnies. Dezi, a sunglasses company owned by the Mexican businesswoman Desi Perkins, is known for their iconic pieces that give your outfit more personality. From classic aviator-shaped to bold acetate frames, the brand gives an array of options to choose from. And get this: even Beyoncé has sported their eye gear.


Punta Mar

Ready to go swimming? Colombian swimwear hits different – and Colombian businesswomen Maria Paula Ardila and Paola Arango know it. Their clothing brand Punta Mar boasts vivid colors in various swimwear options. From long sleeves to strapless and halter options, the brand provides a special approach to those who want to add more stylish touches to their everyday pool or beach attire. 


Vestida y Alboratada

Sandals are a staple during hot summer days. And Vestida y Alboratada, an artisanal boutique owned by Mexican entrepreneur Cristal Alcaraz, has got you covered. Her small business features colorful, traditional huaraches handmade by Mexican artisans. And yes, there are wide-feet options too! Besides sandals, other shoe options include colorful wedges, heels, and loafers. She also sells aprons, graduation stoles, and other clothing pieces.