8 Queer Latinx-Owned Shops to Support During Pride & Beyond

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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With Pride in full swing, there are many ways to back the LGBTQ community. But one of the easiest ways is with your money. That’s why in honor of Pride, we’ve gathered a list of 8 cute and amazing shops owned by queer Latinxs that you can support in June and beyond. Check them out below.


Lambe Culo

Photo via Lambe Culo

Roy Martinez is a queer interdisciplinary artist. Martinez’s work deals with cultural identity, oppression in the US, technology, and more.

Shop here.


Soft Femme

Photo via Soft Femme

Soft Femme is a new shop started by partners Pamela Reynoso and Idalisse Sepúlveda. The Brooklyn-based company examines what it’s like to be soft in a patriarchal society. All sales will go toward the two women’s baby fund.

Shop here.

Editor’s Note: Pamela Reynoso works in the social media team at Remezcla. 


Jotx Wear

Photo via Jotx Wear

With strong statements, Jotx Wear is about not shying away from who you are. Owner Ramiro Alexis Gonzalez is all about “[saying] it loud, [saying] it proud.”

Shop here.



Photo via BiancaDesignCo.

BiancaDesignsCo is the brainchild of Bianca Negron, a New York City-based web designer and developer, who creates art “that is both meaningful and beautiful.” Her shop features several LGBTQ+ pins, and 50 percent of proceeds from select items will go to an LGBTQ+ foundation each month.

Shop here.


Nepantla, USA

Photo via Nepantla

Nepantla – a Nahuatl word meaning in between – will speak to Mexican-Americans.

Shop here.



Photo via 2’s.Daze

2’s.DAZE is a New York-based brand that embraces Latinidad and queerness.

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Malcriada may have been used as a way to put you down, but this Colombian shop is turning the term on its head. “It’s [the habit] of malcriados to defend feminism and our rights,” the brand wrote on Instagram.

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Felix D'Eon

Mexico City-based artist Felix d’Eon illustrates gay love and romance. Inspired by Edwardian fashion, children’s book illustrations, golden-era American comics, and Japanese Edo printmaking, Felix subverts “‘wholesome’ images and harnesses their style to a vision of gay love and sensibility.”

Shop here.