This Is What Trump’s Border Wall Would Look Like If Mexican Architect Luis Barragán Designed It

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In mid-June Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign through disparaging and untrue comments about Mexicans and the Latino community. During his announcement, he also said he’d build a wall between United States and Mexico. One time, he stated that the wall – made out of hardened concrete, rebar, and steel – grew 10 feet higher because he believed it was the most logical solution after former Mexican President Vicente Fox said, “I’m not going to pay for that fucking wall. He should pay for it.”

On Wednesday night’s debate, Trump once again talked about building a wall. “We need that wall,” he said. “And the Border Patrol, ICE, they all want that wall. We stop the drugs. We shore up the border.” Though he talks about removing all the bad hambres hombres from the United States, he doesn’t acknowledge how completely impractical and infeasible it would be to build a wall.

As NewsWeek reports, there’s so much that would make this wall impossible to build. From having these two neighboring countries renegotiating the Mexico-U.S. Boundary Treaty to figuring out how to build on private property, it’s a logistical nightmare. “Much of the border runs through the public lands held by national parks, yet with 84 percent of Democrats opposed to a wall, it is not likely Congress would approve this ecological, environmental and political disruption of prime American wilderness, the home to countless endangered and protected species,” the publication wrote. “The seasonal ebbing and flowing of the Colorado and Rio Grande rivers will required a wall designed to allow the water out without letting people in.”

Plenty of publications, public figures, and experts have dismissed his wall, but perhaps no one has done it as well as Estudio 3.14 – a design firm based in Guadalajara. “Based on his statements, the economic, ecological, and financial aspects have been called into question,” the firm told Design Boom. “However, he continues with his verbal plan. As architects and designers, we have the capacity to imagine and interpret what Trump os saying, and we are convinced that if we can make people see it, they can assess his words and the perversity in his proposal.”

It’s exactly why the wall goes through mountains and bodies of water. And to really drive the point home, this mockup also includes a prison at the very top so that a Trump administration can process, classify and/or deport 11 million undocumented people. And because Trump has claimed that he’ll build a “big, beautiful wall” along the border, the group, working with Mamertine Corporation of the United States, made the wall hot pink – a reference to famed Mexican architect Luis Barragán.

Check out a few of the images below: