Juan Gabriel was a giver. Not only did he gift us with his large catalog of songs, his very frank soundbites, and his delightful stage theatrics, but he also presented us with his sartorial side every chance he got. His style had to be bold, so it could match his big persona.

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While someone like Luis Miguel is almost always seen wearing a black or blue suit while performing, Juanga was a chameleon on stage. It’d be impossible to see him wear the same thing at the beginning of his career as at the end.

Though he’s often recognized for his music (and with good reason), we think his impressive and expansive wardrobe also deserves some shine. Below, check out 10 looks that gave us another reason to marvel at Juanga.


Bejeweled beauty

Why would Juanga wear a bejeweled lapel, when he could shimmer from head-to-toe in his tail coat?


Satiny purple

Wearing shades, an embellished button down, and a satiny purple suit that from a distance almost looks like PJs, JG stands out against the stage.


Purple, as a Way of Life

Time and again, Juanga reached for his signature color, purple, and each time he made it fresh, like the time he accessorized with a purple scarf.


Repping Mexico

Even when Juan Gabriel chose a black suit, it wasn’t basic. With this 2013 look, he chose to rep Mexico.


En Azul

While other male stars may reach for a dark blue, Juanga knew nothing could capture his magnificence quite as well as robin egg blue.

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The Hall of Fame Look

Despite having many iconic looks, this black-and-gold look, which features tassels and gold paillettes, is hands down one of his best.


Polka Dotted

From some angles, it looks like he’s wearing a plain black suit. But in others, you can see the silvery polka dots that cover every inch of his outfit.


Floral Charro

We literally know dozens of people that would wear this look, as is, today.


Purple and Pirate

He may appear to be wearing a pirate shirt, but there are literally not many others who could pull off this look.


His Most Mexico Look

This time, he didn’t subtly rep Mexico.