“Make Mexico Great Again Also” & 7 Other Hats That Are Everywhere Like Such As

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On Wednesday afternoon, Donald Trump met Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. Already, both sides have managed to contradict each other on what actually went down in their meeting. While Trump insists that the two didn’t talk about who’d pay for the wall separating Mexico and the US, EPN fired off a tweet saying the opposite. “At the start of the conversation with Donald Trump, I made clear that Mexico will not pay for the wall,” EPN tweeted. According to The Guardian, EPN’s spokesman added that the two men didn’t discuss the payment any further because Trump basically ignored him. With the EPN meeting and his subsequent immigration talk in Arizona under so much scrutiny, maybe Trump thought he could distract people with new merch.

Throughout his campaign, Trump has made “Make America Great Again” the cornerstone of his campaign. The slogan is plastered on hats, shirts, and signs. And he only repeats it any chance he gets.

Before Trump gave his speech, lackeys Rudy Giuliani and Jeff Sessions both wore “Make Mexico Great Again Also” hats, according to CNN. The awkwardly phrased hats gave us Caitlin Upton flashbacks. (You know, the beauty queen who coined the phrase “like such as” in 2007.)

But the hats are also a testament to his ignorance. He’s subtly hinting that he can fix the United States and Mexico. Mostly, people are just confused, which is not surprising because Trump reportedly came up with the new catchphrase.

At the very least, the internet has come up with better alternatives. Check out seven below:







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