Meet Nancy Risol, the Charismatic Kichwa Vlogger With a Million Followers

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla.
Art by Alan López for Remezcla.
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She’s only uploaded 11 videos onto YouTube, but Nancy Risol – a vlogger who belongs to Ecuador’s Kichwa Saraguro community – has a large following. Recently, she received YouTube’s Silver Play Button for garnering 100,000 followers, a feat she accomplished in April. Since then, her followers have grown at warp speed. She currently has more than 1 million followers, and millions of people tune in to her videos, which show off her humorous, sometimes self-deprecating, style.

As she gains even more popularity, she should be on your radar. Below, learn more about Risol and what’s made her stand out.

She learned about YouTube through a classmate

In a video posted in April to celebrate 100,000 subscribers, Nancy explained that she didn’t know much about social media platforms and learned about YouTube through a classmate, who had posted a video on the site. It made her wonder if anyone could do the same, but she didn’t feel that she would have many viewers on the site. “No one knew me,” she said.

So instead, she chose to start with Facebook, where she hoped to first build an audience. From her first video, she saw decent engagement and kept at it.

She has been uploading videos for less than a year

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She started posting videos on Facebook in August 2018. She’s already promised a more detailed video about herself to celebrate her one-year anniversary.

She changed her video style

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At the beginning, she didn’t know the kind of vlogger she wanted to be. She mainly imitated others, but eventually, she felt that it didn’t match who she was. She focused on finding her own style. When she did that, she began to attract more viewers.

She received negative comments

As anyone who posts content on the internet knows, the comment section can be toxic. For Nancy, the comment section was filled with negative, sometimes racist, comments about the way she looked or dressed, which left her questioning why she continued to post online. In the end, it was the support of her fans that allowed her to push through.

How she introduced herself to YouTube

Her first YouTube video is just a collection of her taking on internet challenges, such as a version of the Kiki Challenge and eating half a lemon. The video is short, but you can tell even from the snippet that she has a vibrant personality.

She has more videos on Facebook than YouTube

Yo preguntando a ver si alguien quiere pasar el 14 de febrero conmigo xd 😂sigueme en INSTAGRAM:

Posted by Nancy Risol on Monday, January 28, 2019

If her 11 YouTube videos aren’t enough for you, then head over to her Facebook, where you can see more of Nancy.

She's used a bit of Mexican slang

Tutorial de maquillaje profesional 🤣🤣

Posted by Nancy Risol on Monday, October 22, 2018

While nowadays she has cut back on using Mexican slang, Nancy explained that the reason she has used a lot of these terms is because they got stuck in her head after watching Mexican TV shows.