5 Latina-Owned Brands That Will Keep You Organized in 2020

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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If a new year is merely an opportunity for you to get new agendas, journals or paper products, then this is the post for you. As many of you aim to become more organized in 2020, you may be searching for the right items to help you in your journey.

We have compiled a list of items that will do the job, and best of all, they all come from small, Latina-owned businesses. Check them out below.


Evil Planner 2020

Photo via Valfré

While Valfré’s 2020 agenda is decidedly darker than the 2019 version, it is still as colorful and whimsical as you’d expect from the brand. The Evil Planner includes stickers, sayings and lots of artwork.

$28, buy here


AOC Notebook

Photo via The Unapologetically Brown Series

If you’re more into bullet journaling, then there’s nothing better than The Unapologetically Brown Series’ notebook, which comes with college-rule paper. With the inspiring AOC on the cover, you’ll surely be ready to take on 2020.

$20, buy here


Make Jefa Moves 2020 Planner

Photo via Hija de tu Madre

This bilingual planner allows you to set goals and intentions. It includes note pages, coloring pages and a sticker sheet. With the calendar full of important dates to the Latinx community, there’s not much more you’ll need with this planner.

$49.99, buy here


Échale Ganas Mija Pocket Planner

Photo via Very That

If you’re looking for something a little more compact, you might be interested in Very That’s pocket planner. Perfect for keeping all your appointments in order.

$10, shop here


To-Do List Notepad

Photo via Jen Zeano Designs

If your life is just a series of to-do lists, then you might want to consider this notepad. You can keep several lists going at once and keep yourself hydrated.

$12, buy here