A Look at Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal’s Bromance

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Oscar Isaac has been sweeping us off our feet since the early 2000s and officially etched his name on our hearts with his 2017 off-Broadway, off-kilter portrayal of Hamlet. Meanwhile, Pedro Pascal has captivated us, and broken our hearts, time and again in roles like that of Javier Peña in Narcos. It’s no surprise then that the two Latin American heartthrobs have had a similarly enchanting effect on one another. We wanted to take a look at the duo’s sweet bromance over the years. You’re welcome.


“Amor de Mi Vida”

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In this Instagram image Pascal posted of the two of them together, the Chilean actor calls Isaac el “amordemivida.” Put your Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon or Maluma and J Balvin defenses away, because this is the best bromance of the decade.


Let’s Revisit this Priceless "Wired" Interview

Earlier this year, Pascal and Isaac also worked together on Netflix’s Triple Frontier and did some press runs ahead of its release. Most notably is their on-camera interview with Wired, where they answered Google’s most-searched questions under their names. Inquiring minds probed on everything from Pascal’s age, which he refused to share (he’s 44), and which languages Isaac speaks (Pascal says it’s just one: “annoying”).

In the video, we learn that Isaac plays the guitar, is often asked if he’s related to George Clooney (???) and is the first person to give Pascal a wet willy since the Chilean actor was 14. Meanwhile, did you know Pascal is 5’11” and inevitably meets his demise in just about every role he’s in? Screenwriters, what’s up with that? Do better next decade, porfa.


"Tío Pedro"

Even film director Elvira Lind, who is also Issac’s wife, knows what’s up. She caught Pascal feeding her and the Guatemalan-Cuban actor’s newborn and named him “tío Pedro.”


They Don’t Wake Up Like That

Surely they have trainers, hairstylists and nutritionists, but best and most importantly of all, they have each other. May we all find our Oscar Isaac or Pedro Pascal in this galaxy and lifetime.


More Than a Decade of Friendship

I didn’t care about the 10-year challenge until this very moment.