8 Pam Allier Outfits To Inspire Your Spring Looks

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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With winter lingering for longer than we’d like in New York, we’ve only seen small doses of mild spring temperatures. But now we’re quickly approaching optimal weather (? at low humidity and temperatures that make you want to stay outside all day), and our closets are in dire need of a metamorphosis. Thanks to Pam Allier’s cheery and playful Instagram feed, we can confidently move toward this forecast upgrade.

The Mexico City-born blogger and influencer splits her time between Los Angeles and CDMX – places where the weather hardly dips into “why me?” territory – so she’s mastered light layers. With a feed full of crop tops, light-wash jeans, punchy dresses and jumpsuits (and of course, her collection of sunglasses), we’re feeling pretty inspired. Plus, as a lover of bright colors, she’s encouraging us to move past the gloomy palette we’ve occasionally adopted in the winter.

Below, check out eight Pam Allier outfits we want to inspire your spring looks.


Brunch ready

While this floral jumpsuit is perfect for breezy days, it’s practically made for brunch outings.


Easing into spring

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While chunky boots and dark colors might feel more appropriate for winter, this salmon-colored front-lacing skirt and black long sleeve top is a good way to ease into warmer weather.


Upgraded tracksuit

This is for those days you want to be cozy, but also look cute enough to snap pictures for the ‘gram.


Bejeweled chunky heels

A chunky knit and denim wash jeans are good standbys, but adding bejeweled chunky heels – especially in a bright magenta color – will elevate that look.


Trusty jean jacket

This image alone has inspired us to whip out our trusty jean jacket for the season.


Chunky pink sweater

While you may want to pack away all your sweaters already, this outfit is a reminder of why you shouldn’t.


Frayed overalls

With overalls continuing to be trendy over the last few years, this outfit is a good way to keep the look fresh.


Sneaker chic

Because dresses look extra cute with sneakers, we’re really feeling this look.