Paris Hilton recently made her way to Mexico, and in an instant, she became the star of countless memes. Over the course of a few days, the DJ, model, actor, and singer presented her clothing line, launched her latest perfume, Platinum Rush, and she dropped by San Gregorio in Xochimilco, where she donated $35,000 and her merch to the victims of the 2017 earthquakes.

Paris visited San Gregorio last year in November, a month after the earthquakes. At the time, she donated money and supplies and said that the country felt like a “second home” to her as she’s visited Mexico her entire life. At the time, she said she wanted to come back. “I know there are people who are suffering and going through hard times,” she said, “so every time I return, I will do something to give back.”

On Instagram, Paris showed she was true to her word. And while her good deed is notable, though a bit awkward, Mexicans are already doing what they do best: creating memes. Her visit has inspired people to flex their creative muscles and turn her images into the funniest memes online right now. Check out a few below.