Paris Terror Attacks Included Victims from Chile, Mexico, and the US

Lead Photo: Kin Cheung/AP
Kin Cheung/AP
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Friday’s attacks in Paris left more than 120 people dead. Details have emerged about some of the victims, most of whom were French. Some were born in other parts of the world, such as Chile and the United States, and either called Paris home temporarily or permanently.

Here, we remember some of the victims of the Paris attacks:


Nohemi Gonzalez

Nohemi Gonzalez was a 23-year-old Cal State Long Beach student. She was eating at La Belle Equipe when a gunman opened fire.

She was a first-generation Mexican-American, who was very proud of where she came from. “I am Mexican American, and I also happen to be first generation born in the United States,” she wrote for a class assignment, according to Time. “I grew up in Whittier and had a very hard working mother that raised me to be extremely independent. If I had to describe myself in a few words I would say I am very high spirited, clean, orderly, and self driven.”

Gonzalez, who was called Mimi by her family, had dual Mexican and American citizenship. She was studying abroad at the time of her death, and her cousin said the last thing they said to each other was “see you at Christmas.”


Michelle Gil Jaimes

Michelle Gil Jaimes was born in Mexico, but she had Spanish citizenry as well. Her parents are business owners in Veracruz. She was at La Belle Equipe at the time of her death.

Recently, she announced her engagement on Facebook.

She attended Emylon Business School from 2008 to 2009.


Elsa Delplace

Elsa Veronique Delplace San Martín was a Chilean women who died alongside her mother, Patricia San Martín. She was the niece of Chile’s embassador in Mexico. They were both in the Bataclan concert hall when they were killed.

They were at the event with Patricia’s grandson and a friend. The 5-year-old grandson hid and is safe. The friend was injured and sent to the hospital.


Luis Felipe Zschoche Valle

Chilean Luis Felipe Zschoche Valle lived in Paris, according to La Tercera. He moved to paris eight years ago, and he was there to help Eagles of death Metal with their set, alongside his wife.

Music was also one of his personal interests; he had his own band, Captain Americano.