4 Pets Whose Quinceañeras Were Lavish as Hell

Lead Photo: Photo by GemaBlanton
Photo by GemaBlanton
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Traditionally, quinces celebrate a young Latina and Latin American girl’s transition into adulthood. In the last few years, we’ve seen people – Latinos and non-Latinos alike – adapt quinceañeras to honor their pets in style. With human years not quite adding up to animal years, these fetes typically aren’t coming-of-age parties; instead, they are celebrations of their long lives. But many pet owners still opt for over-the-top decorations and poofy dresses, meaning that many pets, probably had better quinces than you.

Here are a few dog and cat quinces you’ll probably want to emulate for your next party.



The Olavarria family of Charlotte, North Carolina wanted to ring in their cat Luna’s 15th properly. “We wanted to celebrate her long life properly,” Luna’s owner, Bridgette Olavarria, said.

Though the idea came a full year before the party, the family only started planning the event a week before. But in that time, they gave Luna the most epic cake, decorations, Luna balloons, and an ICONIC cat quince dress.



Jackie Pizano threw her dog, Nova, a proper quince. When the German Shepherd turned 15 in dog years, her owner threw her a party, which also celebrated Nova’s academic achievements. (The good doggo earned the Einstein Award at K-9 University.)

Nova brought it to her party with a pink dress and tiara. A guest also captured Nova dancing with her chambelán, and we’re better for having seen that video.


Ponette Juliette

Ponette Juliette loves a good theme (or at least her photographer owner does). The gray cat – who has also worn a Mary Poppins getup and imitated the iconic Ruth Bader Ginsburg – had a lavish backyard quince. Wearing a teeny tiny tiara and a coral dress, Ponette looked fab on her special day.

Her photographer mom, Kira Stackhouse captured it all on camera, including taking wedding-style shots of her dress. “Ponette turned 15 this year, and since she is my very best friend, I felt that she was very well-deserving of a very memorable party,” Stackhouse told “Ponette has really blossomed in the past few years and 15 is quite an accomplishment, so a quinceañera seemed like the perfect way to celebrate!”



Angel's Quinceañera ✨ (Doggie Birthday Party) Feliz Cumpleaños, Science says we love our dogs like children… some kids are really LUCKY!!!Photographer: Jacob Burke

Posted by Mike Chesworth on Monday, December 7, 2015

When Angel turned 3, Mike Chesworth promised he’d throw her a quince if she lived to be 15. In 2015, Mike make good on his promise by throwing Angel an over-the-top party, which included a doggy bounce house and piñata.