‘West Side Story’ Star Rachel Zegler Has a Delightfully Sincere Twitter Account You Should Be Following

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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When she first met Steven Spielberg, Rachel Zegler inexplicably said the word turkey and tried to return his high five with a fist bump. She’s also been left on read by too many boys. We know these personal details of her life because Zegler – who won the highly coveted role of María in the Spielberg-directed remake of West Side Story – has shared them on her constantly updated Twitter account.

The 17-year-old Colombian-American actor has gained a lot of attention – and a large following – since the West Side Story cast was revealed two months, but Rachel continues using her Twitter account like any other teenager would. And in the process, she’s inviting us into parts of her new life, and it is the most delightful thing on the platform.

If you haven’t followed her yet, here are six reasons why you should be.


She's candid.

Rachel Zegler life has already changed. The many celebrities she looked up to now know who she is and have even congratulated her for landing a role in West Side Story. But it hasn’t stopped her from sharing her unfiltered thoughts.


She's full of positivity

You don’t have to scroll too far to find little gems like this. Rachel is full of positivity, though she’s also said that sometimes she needs these encouraging words, too.


She loves memes/internet jokes.

And sometimes she makes her own.


She's a musical theater lover.

As a musical theater kid, Rachel regularly talks about musicals, which is exciting considering she’s about to star in one.


She posts videos of herself singing.

If you love videos of talented people singing, then Rachel’s got you covered.


She has a lot of Queen content.

Rachel is a huge Freddie Mercury fan, and posts regularly about Queen.