Editor’s Picks: What to Do LAMC Week 2015

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The Latin Alternative Music Conference is back in New York City this week, here to satisfy your curiosity of what’s happening in Latin alternative music. Starting on Tuesday, July 7th, acts from all over the the US and Latin America will descend on the city, bringing their latest musical creations to the general public. The sheer volume of concerts, showcases, and after parties can be overwhelming, so of course, we’re here to help.

Much like SXSW (but on a way smaller scale), a whole ecosystem of unofficial showcases and club nights spring up around LAMC week (they’re the alt to the alt, if you will). These are often the spaces where the freshest, most exciting bookings can be seen, and we’ve got some tasty selections for you below.

(And if you need a break from the underground, there’s always the Romeo Santos concert on Saturday….)