7 Underrated Selena Looks That You Should Definitely Know About

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Selena Quintanilla would be 51 years old this year. Yet, despite her death 28 years ago, Selena’s fame keeps growing as more and more generations learn about the queen of Tejano music. Her star shines brighter with every passing year as her fans keep her legacy alive. There are so many ways that fans continue to show their love to Selena, including remembering her most iconic and memorable looks.

We all know the purple jumpsuit from her last concert. People are still gagging over her white gown for the GRAMMYs. We will never forget her iconic (thanks to the movie) bustier…or busti-ca-ca depending on who you ask. We all know these classics that live in our heads rent-free because they are some of the best. However, Selena has a history of showstopping looks so let’s dive into some of her most underrated looks and why they deserve some more love and attention.

Perhaps these might replace the purple jumpsuit costume all of your friends have cycled through the years. We are muy excited to take a walk together into Selena Quintanilla’s looks you should know.


Gold Lame Hat and Shirt from Coca-Cola Ad

Coca-Cola knew what they were doing when they tapped Selena to be a spokesperson for their brand. You can tell from the photoshoot that she was living her best life in countless outfits, yet the one that stands out is the gold lame top and hat (in the 4th photo). The way that the shiny fabric plays with Selena’s complexion and smile truly makes everything about the photo memorable. Who doesn’t want to wear a shiny outfit every now and then?


“Selena” Album Cover Outfit

It seems very unassuming but the outfit the singer is wearing on the cover of “Selena” is giving us some serious free-spirit vibes. This outfit, while clearly a sign of the times, could easily show back up at any music festival today. The flowing wrap skirt and mini top seem like the perfect outfit when you want to be out and about with your friends at a music festival but totally comfortable.


High Pony and Leather Jacket

Selena knew how to keep her outfits different and exciting. Her transformation into different styles is flawless. She can give you a sweet bubblegum look in a white crop top and jeans then turn right about and pair a high ponytail with a leather jacket and sheer top. The look fits perfectly in any leather bar and, tbh, makes for a killer look that will make your friends jealous. We love a stylish queen!


Denim on Denim

The Canadian tuxedo is something we all recognize. Selena rocked it out with her curly hair to truly complete the ‘80s look. Granted, she was 16 and it was the ‘80s so that whole look is very much on point for the concert. Fortunately, fashion is cyclical so the looks of the past will always come back in style. There is also something to be said about being so comfortable with your body that you can make any look work for you.


Red Jacket and Matching Chaps

You’ve probably seen the photos of Selena in a red, studded jacket with fringe and matching chaps over her blue jeans. She even coordinated her bustier underneath to match her whole look. The simple hairstyle and her staple red lipstick seem to elevate her outfit, a nod to her Tejano roots, in an elegant and casual way. Tbh, this is a perfect outfit for any outing in Texas. The fact that more people aren’t recreating this look is a travesty.



Selena once shared a movie screen with some big Hollywood names, including Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando. It was during the film Don Juan DeMarco in 1994 when we got to see Selena as a mariachi singer. She belted out “El Toro Relajo” and “No Me Quieras Tanto” accompanied by a mariachi band. Her outfit was so on point and authentic. Exactly the kind of look we expect from the legend who brought our culture to the mainstream audience.


Coca-Cola Cowgirl

You know we had to come back to her Coca-Cola days. Selena used her time as the spokesperson to highlight her love for Texas and its fashion. Under an oversized trench coat, you can see a belt with an oversized buckle putting the Texas staple fashion piece front and center. Of course, she is also wearing her bustier. Adding the cowboy hat on top is the cherry on top of a super Tejana look.