10 Rare Selena Videos to Celebrate La Reina de Tejano

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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March 31, 2016 marks the 21st anniversary of Selena’s death. It’s the darkest day for Selena fans – something her brother recently spoke out about. On his Instagram page, he explained that the last day in March is just filled with painful memories.

“They say that losing a loved one gets easier with time,” he wrote. “Not for me. Many call March 31st an anniversary. I don’t. It marks another year without an incredible person I call my sister.”

For fans, it’s certainly another opportunity to show that La Reina’s legacy is forever. This year, we’re celebrating Selena’s legacy by looking back at 10 rare videos – a little more than 35 minutes – of Selena goofing off, cooking French toast, and dancing like Michael Jackson.

Check out the videos below and try not to be charmed:


1993 McAllen Texas Concert


Selena dancing like Michael Jackson


"It's Seh-lee-na"


Selena talking about tour life and her amor, Chris Perez


A very frank young Selena


Rollerblading with the Barrio Boyzz


Selena joking


"Hispanic families are really united." Also "We like to keep the money to ourselves."


On flirting with Marlon Brando


When she wouldn't let people boo Chris Perez