The Selena Wax Figure Is Here and People Feel Muy Excited

Lead Photo: AP Photo/Celebra
AP Photo/Celebra
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Four days ago, Chris Perez hyped up the Selena wax figure. On Friday, he hung out with Suzette Quintanilla and got to see the Selena wax figure the Madame Tussaud’s team created. “She showed me video and still pics of the Selena wax figure,” he wrote. “You guys aren’t ready. Some of the other wax figures I’ve seen, well, they only SORT of look like who they’re supposed to look like. Take it from me, this one looks amazing!”

Since then, the Selena Facebook fan page has continued to build on this excitement. On Monday, it shared a sneak peek of the figure, being very careful not to reveal the face. Instead, they showed closeups of her outfit and highlighted the amount of work it took to have it come together. After some initial confusion about the time of reveal, the figure was finally revealed Tuesday at around 9:30 p.m. ET.

It’s been a long day for those awaiting the big unveiling. Here’s everything important that went down:


Gloria is the first person to line up.

On Monday, superfan Gloria brought a chair, so she could be the first person to check out the wax figure. She can probably now call herself Selena’s biggest fan – at least in Los Angeles.


Everyone else lined up after Gloria.

People came out in droves to check out the Selena wax figure, proving that Gloria – who is breathing easy at the front – made the right choice. People showed up with family and friends to this low-key Selena Con, where everyone wore some pretty amazing Selena merch.


Madame Tussaud's created a Snapchat filter.

Knowing that this special moment needed to be commemorated properly, Madame Tussaud’s created a Snapchat filter for the event.


Chris and Suzette shared thanked the fans.

Through social media, Chris Perez and Suzette Quintanilla kept up with everything happening outside, so they took a moment to thank Selena’s fans. “Thank you for helping to keep Selena’s memory alive,” Chris said.


People could hardly contain themselves.


The big reveal came on Facebook.


And then, they freaked out.