9 Style Photos That Prove ’90s Shakira Is the Best Shakira

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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In the fall of 2001, a blonde Shakira hit the US mainstream with “Whenever, Wherever.” This song set her career in a decidedly different direction, and started her ascent toward global dominance. Though she’s had multiple hits since then, we wouldn’t be exaggerating if we said that many of us lovingly reminisce about the old Shak, the rockera we haven’t seen in decades. Before she became an international icon, she released Spanish-language songs with political messages. But it’s not just her music that makes us revisit her past, it’s also her style.

During her teen and young adult years, Shakira wore her hair in red and/or black, she piled on rings and necklaces, and she favored a darker color scheme. It’s a style that would (mostly) serve her well in 2018 – almost entirely because ’90s trends have remained in vogue for the past few seasons. But of course, Shakira is at a different stage in her life, so we can’t expect her to revive these looks.

Below, check out nine outfits that undoubtedly prove that ’90s Shakira is the best Shakira.


If we’re being honest, both Shakira and Ricky Martin’s matching wavy tresses are the stars of this photo. But Shak’s look – a leather jacket, rings on every hand, and a floralesque dress – is a classic look that works for casual situations (and for hanging out with pop stars).


Reminiscent of one of Selena’s most famous outfits, Shakira’s oversized dress shirt and jean combo is a pretty timeless look. Though it’d work regardless of whether the shirt is tied up or not, it’s the flashy belt that is so deliciously ’90s.


With this spaghetti strap getup, Shakira couldn’t be more ’90s/exactly the look we’re going for.


This choker and hoop earring pairing fills numerous Instagram accounts.


Cut off jeans and black tops are so ageless that even 2016 Shakira was inspired by this ‘fit.


There’s a lot going on, but it perfectly captures how eagerly we all once approached fashion, and honestly, we should all strive for that level of confidence.


Shakira looks slightly like she’s in Beetlejuice cosplay, and we’re very here for it, tbh.


Between her all-jean look and balancing prowess, this look is a winner.


Dark Shakira is the best Shakira. The end.