10 ‘Soñadoras’ Looks That Are as Amazing Today As They Were in 1998

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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If you watched novelas in the late ’90s, then it’s likely you came across Soñadoras. The novela – created by Emilio Larrosa, Rocio Taboada, and Braulio Pedraza – follows a group of students at a private high school in Mexico City. Much like your other favorite teen dramas, the characters deal with romantic drama, self-medicate with drugs, and defy their parents’ rules. And while it holds a special place in many of our hearts, we acknowledge that the novela is far from perfect (i.e. the lack of diversity, the pairing of high-school aged women with grown men, and classism for starters). But there’s at least one part of the show that has held up well: the fashion. (Another part is most definitely the theme song.) 

At the core of the novela are four young women: Jaqueline (Aracely Arambula), Lucía (Michelle Vieth), Julieta (Angelica Vale), and Emilia (Laisha Wilkins). The four friends are as different as can be, and this is reflected in their sartorial choices.

Jaqueline, who is popular and a free spirit, has the most daring style. She favors crop tops, accessories that match her outfits, and she hardly ever leaves home without her signature pigtails. What she wears to school sometimes doubles as a clubbing outfit. Lucía is the new girl with a more conservative style. She’s shy, which is likely why she’s often covered in shades of oatmeal. But every once in a while, she wears dramatic silhouettes. Julieta loves herself some sweater sets. She doesn’t have the same kind of wealth as her peers, something that is incredibly embarrassing for her. It’s no wonder that Julieta – whose biggest aspiration is to become rich – is often in preppy looks. She does, however, give it a little twist. As for Emilia, the dancer, her style is much more streamlined. She’s a jeans and tee kind of girl. Her outfits wouldn’t be out of place today on Instagram.

But don’t just take our word on the amazingness of the Soñadoras‘ wardrobe. Below, check out 10 style moments that are truly iconic:


The Bold Blue Look

Wearing about 30 bracelets and a pair of checkered sunglasses, Jaqueline confronts the woman her teacher – who she has a crush on – is dating. She wears a bright blue hooded crop top, which she paired with a pair of patchwork jeans.


The Thanksgiving Look

Literally looking like a Thanksgiving mantel, Jaqueline pairs her bright orange knotted blouse with patterned pants.


The Basic 90s Look

Emilia’s look is classic 90s. She wears a black turtleneck tee with loose-fighting, light-wash jeans, and black shoes. She accessorizes with a single necklace.


The Club Look

Jaqueline, who clearly has an eclectic style, wears a mini skirt with a slit, a bring fur-trimmed jacket, and her one true love: the crop top.


The Chisme Look

As they catch up on chisme, Jaqueline and Emilia wear these A+ outfits.


The Not-So-Cozy Home Look

Wearing a white outfit with a matching hair ribbon, Lucía writes about the boy she’s pining over. And yeah, the look doesn’t look super cozy for a diary writing sesh, but it’s hardly boring.


The PE Class Look

Almost resembling the PE scene in Clueless, Lucía, Julieta, and Jaqueline have very different approaches to gym class.


The Neon Preppy Look

Julieta lives in cardigans and dress shirts, but she also favors toward flashier styles.


The Bun-Less Look

Channeling a more 60s hairstyle, Jaqueline wears a patterned dress gown for her father’s wedding.


The Makeover Look

At one point, Lucía undergoes a makeover and abandons all her unflattering clothing. Instead, she takes a page out of her step sister’s book (Jaq) and accessorizes like her life depended on it.