9 Latino Swimwear Brands That Will Have You Looking Cute This Summer

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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With summer (and warm weather) finally here, it’s officially beach season. If you’re in the market for a new bathing suit, we’ve got you covered. We scoured the internet to find nine brands – all of which are owned (or created) by Latino and Latin Americans. Check them out below.



Photo via Pinkness

Farah Vargas’ Pinkness is an apparel, skincare, and lifestyle brand. As the name suggests, pink is part of the brand’s DNA. This website features fun and sparkly bathing suits. It’s a small selection of suits, but you’ll want to own them all.

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Mauna Loa Beachwear

Photo via Mauna Loa Beachwear

Mauna Loa Beachwear is a Venezuelan company inspired by the South American country. Though their trajes de baño come in all different styles, they’re particularly good at the cutout look.

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Viva la Bonita

Photo via Viva la Bonita

Viva La Bonita is an LA-based business, featuring several open-backed, one-piece swimsuits. But none will make you feel more seen than the Allergic to Pendejadas bathing suit.

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Photo via Akaw Swimwear

Akaw’s swimwear is designed and handmade in Puerto Rico. Its newest collection is colorful and will help you ease into summer.

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Jessica Milagros x Boutique+ Swimwear

Photo via JC Penney

Model and photographer Jessica Milagros created a cute and diverse range for plus size women. As a plus-size model in the fashion industry, I’ve realized there just aren’t enough sizes and styles available and catering to curvy women. JCPenney is taking this opportunity to provide women with more fashionable and fit focused swim,” she told InStyle.

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Luli Fama

Photo via Luli Fama

Luli Fama designer Lourdes Hanimian’s designs take inspiration from her native Cuba and the rest of Latin America. There are many, many, many swimsuits to choose from here, and you can trust that Lourdes won’t steer you wrong. And as a bonus, several of the brand’s suits are reversible.

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Agua Bendita

Photo via Agua Bendita

Colombians Catalina Álvarez and Mariana Hinestroza followed their passion for design and started Agua Bendita, an apparel and accessories brand. This company sells trendy and classic pieces, so it’s perfect for all your moods.

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MarAcuyá Swim & Yoga Wear

Photo via MarAcuyá Swim & Yoga Wear

MarAcuyá Swim & Yoga Wear is inspired by the “adventurous, free spirit Caribbean girl [who] loves to have contact with nature.” While the brand does classic bathing suit well, it also features gems like this flirty tie-front swimsuit.

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Peixoto prides itself on mixing nostalgia and classic beauty.

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