Tejana Tips to Get Your SXSW 2015 Looks On Point

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If you’re one of the many attending SXSW this year, chances are your festival prep includes assembling the gems of your closet into perfect festival outfits to showcase your steeze to the tech-savy, music and film-loving masses.

As an Austin resident, I’ve learned that the key to outfitting yourself for this week of madness is keeping it simple and comfortable. You’re here to have fun, and you might as well look fly doing it.

It’s easy to make the mistake of overthinking festival outfits and packing too much. My theory is, if you pack a couple of pairs of shoes and a handful of looks that speak for themselves and don’t need much upkeep, you can stay focused on having fun. Here are some Tejanita fly girl SXSW looks that are up for anything.

Photos: Shanice Malakai and Vara Ayanna of Thriftqueened.


Chambray always wins. This shirt-turned-dress is simple and classic, but the hoops add some sass. You’ll serve “local unfriendly brown hottie” vibes. If they try to tell you you’re not on the VIP list, tell them your friend la Virgen begs to differ.

Chambray dress, thrifted; Hat, Forever 21; sandals, Madewell.

Hit Shift

A modern shift dress will go a long way. This black and white number can carry you through both dressy and laid-back interactive, music, and film events flawlessly. Adding a wide-brimmed hat completes the oversized silhouette.

Shift dress, Alice & UO; sandals, Madewell; hat, Forever 21.

When in doubt, reference Selena

If you didn’t pack a tribute outfit to Selena, you need to fly back home and try again at SXSW 2016. This bright purple jumpsuit is lightweight, comfy, and bold enough without needing any pesky accessories. Not to mention you’ll look like a natural smiling and waving at fans and admirers from the back of your pedicab.

Jumpsuit, Forever 21; sandals, Madewell; hat, Forever 21.

La Camisa Negra

Instead of toting around a jacket all day, pair a long sleeve camisa negra with a pair of overalls for a totally comfortable combination. Don’t be afraid to throw a lot of color somewhere in there, either. This look is “kooky, embarrassing mom” meets “intelligent, hip mami.” (I hope.)

Overalls, Madewell, Scarf, thrifted; top, American Apparel; sandals, Madewell.

Wear Comfy Shoes

Austin days are warm and sunny, but some spring nights can get chilly. Rep your dream SXSW performer and pair some black skinny jeans with shoes that can handle all the walking you’ll be doing. If you’re going to bring a chaqueta, make sure it’s one of a kind, so you can find it again after each night’s drunken dancing.

Selena Slayer shirt, Etsy; Jeans, Madewell; jacket, Forever 21; Pins, author’s own; New Balance shoes, Urban Outfitters.