If you haven’t kept up with Thalía since her María telenovela trilogy, then you’re missing out. In the time since she graced our screens in Marimar, María la del Barrio, and María Mercedes (and all her other ventures post-María), Thalía has become a star on Instagram. With more than 10 million followers and a viral challenge inspired by her candid Insta persona, she now has one of the best – and entertaining – accounts on the social media platform.

Recently, her account went viral when she posted a series of Instagram stories that led to the #ThaliaChallenge. In the story, she greeted her followers, saying, “¿Me escuchan? ¿Me oyen?” all while wearing a pink fringed jumpsuit by London designer House of CB. (PS. Rihanna wore it, too!) She then proceeded to sing the same phrases and dance on camera like a tía obsessed with social media who can’t figure out how to turn off the camera (which is what actually happened to Thalía). Fans quickly created their own versions of the video, with them saying, “¿Me escuchaaaaaaan? ¿Me oyeeeeeeen?” in their best Thalía impersonation.

But Thalía’s Instagram account has been a source of laughs for a while, mainly because she’s figured out how to make fun of herself on the internet and show off her extravagant lifestyle. In the end, a quién le importa, right? We all know she doesn’t.

If your Instagram feed has bored you lately, then you should follow Thalía. Here’s why.


She's as unfiltered as they come (online and IRL)

Her #ThaliaChallenge was a product of her Instagram stories. But it’s just one example of her blunt nature. In 1992, the singer — then an up-and-coming solo act — visited Veronica Castro on her show, Y Vero América va, and basically led a cheer for the word semen.


She meets icons regularly (and dresses to impress them)

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Recently, Thalía met fashion icon Iris Apfel, who she says is her top style inspiration. The actress and singer dressed up in her best Iris Apfel-looking dress — chunky jewelry included — and posed alongside the 96-year-old author. By the looks of it, Iris was impressed.


She's woke in her own way

Thalía uses her platform to support various causes. Among them is LGBTTQ rights. She recently posted an image of herself as an angel-queen hybrid for Pride.


Her elaborate photo edits

By now, we know Thalía loves an on-camera moment, but her Instagram photo edits are probably the best. Her thematic edits often feature the María la del Barrio actress surrounded by over-the-top props. In this case, she promoted her clothing brand, Thalía by Leonisa, with an elaborate-as-hell unicorn motif.


She goes to the best award shows (and geeks over everyone)

As a successful singer-actress-designer and the wife of music executive Tommy Mottola, Thalía gets to go to really cool events, like the Tony Awards and the Met Gala. And she doesn’t waste time bringing along her followers with her. At the 2018 Tony Awards, she took her own adorable red carpet photos. Who needs paparazzi when there’s Instagram, right?

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Her multiple wigs

Remember that time Kim Kardashian dyed her hair pink? Well, Thalía tried it, too, except the Mexican pop star opted to wear a wig and stroll around Central Park instead. She’s really a master of turning everyday moments into full-blown productions.