These Thanksgiving Packages Are the Answer to Your Nosy Tíos’ “Y El Novio” Questions

Lead Photo: Photo by Hinterhaus Productions / Digitalvision
Photo by Hinterhaus Productions / Digitalvision
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As many Latines know, November through early January is “y su novio/a/x” season. During these months, if you are uncoupled, your relatives will surely ask you: “¿y su novio/a/x?” It can get annoying, and for many, it’s a part of the evening they dread.

Well, that’s where the internet comes in to play. For the past few days, the Latinernet has been busy posting images of folks who are offering “y la novia” or “y el novio” Thanksgiving dinner packages. While the services are similar, there’s some variation. But basically, each offers three different tiers – with the most expensive one offering the most perks – with the aim of persuading your family that they are your significant other.

Obviously, the real solution would be having your families understand that not being boo’d up doesn’t make you a failure, but this is a pretty humorous take on something many of us have dealt with before. Check out a few of the packages below.