The Internet’s Most Extra Quinceañera Dances

Lead Photo: Photo by sbossert/ iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by sbossert/ iStock / Getty Images Plus
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A highlight of any quinceañera party is the surprise performance. While the traditional father-daughter dance – soundtracked to Cheyenne’s “Tiempo de Vals,” of course – is likely the most emotional part of the celebration, quince choreography has transformed into something larger than life. It’s when the birthday girls truly take center stage and give it their all on the dance floor.

Whether they opt for a Selena-themed performance or showcase their salsa skills, quinceañeras know that — unlike a wedding — these dances only happens once. The intricate performances often involve a full entourage of friends and family who are complicit in the exuberant performance.

Thanks to YouTube, where some of these videos reach the half-milli mark, quince dances are also now elaborate films that mark young women’s introduction to adulthood. We scoured the platform far and wide to find you the most extra dances ever.

The Beauty and the Beast Dance

The Father Daughter Battle

The Little Mermaid Dance

The Quinceañera Who Showed Her Inner Selena and JLo



The Quinceañera Who Played Jasmine From 'Aladdin'

The Mariachi Dance

The Phantom of the Opera Performance

The Salsa Quinces Dance