These GIFs Of Cuba’s New Anti-Gravity Fun House Will Weird You Out

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Maybe I’m easily impressed, but after seeing a video of La Casa Insólita de Las Tunas in Cuba I was like but how? A little reading revealed that this recently opened five-room Cuban attraction plays with perception, creating the impression that people are experiencing a gravitational anomaly. The house was created by architect Domingo Alás Rosell, who is somewhat of an expert in this area. There’s several of these type of places around the world (here’s one in California), but this is the only one of its kind in Cuba.

Because it’s Friday, and you probably need a distraction before getting your weekend on, here are six GIFs of the house being shown off by Domingo:


Water shouldn't be doing this


But this is pretty amazing


The backward bend-and-snap


The point where you're kinda over the tour


Oh, hey there.


The cliffhanger