This 5-Year-Old Girl Dressed Up As Mama Coco & Twitter Can’t Take It

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Disney-Pixar
Courtesy of Disney-Pixar
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The movie Coco was one of 2017’s biggest hits. With more than $800 million grossed at the box office, it’s only natural that people haven’t gotten over Miguel Rivera and his family. And a young girl’s costume is proof that nearly a year later, our love for the movie is still going strong.

Last week, a photo series of Khloe, a 5-year-old girl dressed up as Mama Coco, surfaced on Twitter. The elaborate costume featured full-on gray hair and arrugas to nail down the look. Her brother, Alejandro, posted the very on-point makeover on Twitter with the caption, “So my mom dressed my baby sister as Mama Coco just for fun, and my little sister is loving it.”

Their mom, Noraelia Rodriguez, told Chron that inspiration struck when she saw a white spray can. “[I] thought dressing Khloe up as Mama Coco would take me out of the funk I’m in,” she said.

The fun wasn’t over for Khloe, whose mom later decided to reenact a scene from the movie and dress the girl as Mama Elena – Miguel’s grandmother – and her younger brother as a mariachi – guitar, sombrero, and mustache included. They remade a scene where Miguel’s grandmother scolds a mariachi with a chancleta for luring the boy into playing music (you know, the one thing the Rivera family considers a curse).

The very realistic makeup is the work of their mother, who, according to Alejandro, is not a makeup artist. She just does it for fun. Her brother also revealed on Twitter that they’re planning to dress up as Mama Coco and Miguel for Halloween.

The family certainly had a fun night in, judging by these images. But the real question is, how can we get this look for Halloween? Of course, Twitter also loved the creative costumes and praised Rodriguez’s talents. Here are the best reactions to Coco.